Obviously a topic that will evoke many different opinions and emotions. Please be polite and considered and provide honest feedback.

How many of you bought extended warranty
For how long?

No judgement.

Not to put you on the spot. But this is your opportunity to upsell, what’s your belief in the extra security and coverage


Since no one has responded as of yet… @Todd.grobo I will have the 3 year total warranty on my Grobo. There have been a couple hardware issues for me thus far and I feel that it’s in my best interest to be covered longer term.
The Grobo team has been amazing with their support on fixing my issues and I expect they will continue to do so in the future.

They unfortunately don’t build all of their components, and therefore don’t have much control over the failure rate of said products.

It’s defintely an added expense but I expect the ROI will end up being worth it.

Are you still thinking about it? What’s your pros and cons?


Tbh I’d rather put the money towards another unit

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What about Chris T.T?

To answer your question @Todd.grobo, the warranty is there just in case as with most products. To give you an example I don’t buy laptops very often, but when I do I often buy the longest warranty I can because of the cost of the original investment which is often times $1500+ CAD. Knowing me, in the 5 years I typically use a laptop for 8 hours a day every working day, something is bound to happen.

Funny story actually: in university I had a laptop that was just about a year old with a one year warranty. I kid you not, 5 days before it expired the screen just randomly died. Asus was nice enough to take my laptop back and fix it in a hurry because I needed it for studying for my exams. That was quite the wake-up call for me and I have always justified a longer warranty on quality goods that I invest a significant amount of money into from that point on. E.g. my latest laptop has a 3 year warranty on it :+1:

Point is: parts fail and the unpreventable take way sometime. Again, this is my outlook on warranties, but if you’re paying enough for a product it doesn’t hurt to protect that purchase with a longer warranty




I’m usually anti-extended warranty. Typically if I’m an early adopter of newer technology I take the leap.

Examples -

Apple products, robust for the most part I don’t buy extra warranty. Got burnt once IPad mini 4, dead.

I bought a first Gen high end 60” LED TV when they first came out. 4 months after the year was gone TV died. Extendend warranty repaired the TV and I asked the tech how much would that have costed to get fixed? His reply you would have been buying a new TV.

Thoughts on Grobo:

  1. New technologies with limited amounts of units out in the public and respectfully does not have a proven long track record yet.

  2. Many parts and sensors not seen to the naked eye that could fail and will need to be sourced directly through Grobo. The Source/Radio Shack, Home Depot, your favourite garden centre, etc do not sell spare parts for Grobo’s.

  3. Servicing the unit could present unique challenges to some growers.

My conclusion is it’s a necessity presently for the Grobo based on my thoughts above, so yes.


Incase it matters for other users. I did buy 3 year covereage. Better safe than sorry


I just pulled the trigger on a 3 year myself and I’m going to pick up an aquarium air pump and stone (small cost from Amazon)…just in case mine fails. I don’t have the warm and fuzzies on the current air pump supplier after seeing a few failures with them here on the site.


Just wants to say I echo the statements already said here. I think jumping on the warranty train is pretty wise. When you consider all the money you’ve already put into this, and all the money you’ll save over the next 2 - 3 years in growing your own medicine/crops/whatever, the extra cost of the warranty practically pays for itself.

Plus, this thing is just cool, I want to keep it around running forever.


@Azuri Can the aquarium air pump cause any damage? I’d think the extra oxygen would only help? @Stephen would an additional aquarium air pump help with growth?


Hey @Gatorsfn28

I would be only using the aquirum pump as back up. In a reservoir that small two pumps would be overkill. As far as damage goes an external power cord coming out from the outside the grobo would cause additional light leaks and possible odor leaks. It would be for a temporary solution to keep the water airated until Grobo guys figure it out.

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Hi Gatorsfn28,

We’ve optimized the dissolved oxygen levels for the size of our reservoir, adding more airstones/bubblers won’t increase your speed or yield. It can be used if you have a failure of your air pump to keep your plant alive until a replacement arrives.



How can you get an extended warranty?


I received an email to purchase it. Check your spam folder for it or send a ticket in to support@grobo.io

I did come across the 2 following links:




Thanks. They should offer it when you’re purchasing it be a little easier in my opinion.
Question it comes with a 1 year warranty. Is this 3 years on top of that one year giving you 4 years? Or is it washing out the original 1 year warranty and only giving you 3 years total if that’s the case your purchasing a3 year and only really getting 2 extra years.


@Bongsmoker89 it’s rhe option to purchase either an extra year, bringing the total coverage to two years from the date you receive the box; or an extra two years bringing the total coverage to three years from the date you receive the box. :+1:t4:



At what point is it too late to purchase an extended warranty?

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Hey @Bplatinum9,

Warranties are sold with the unit usually. If you are within 30 days of having your unit, I can offer an extended warranty too. Email me at support@grobo.io and we can discuss details.



I will email you when my unit shows up, until then thanks for the growing love! I’m getting excited! :hugs::bomb: