Wappa, indica

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Looks like a lovely harvest! The bud is amazing!


Nice stuff @Todd.grobo !!! Great plant !


I can almost taste it lol


Oddly as compared to past grows the smell seems less. Could be i had covid in spring (havent been antibody tested yet but sick for 2 months).
Could be the strain or just less smell.
The plants essentially grew until the plant seemed done. I say seemed done because theyre finishing different timss and in basing it on what the plant is doing not what is nesc recommended
Both grows were 150 days. Long for a grow but really only a month more than a regular photo period. My tests i ran did provide different results so when i get both weighed ill have to do up a full post explaining


2nd plant down. She collapsed pulling her out due to weight. Very strong smell cutting her.
Good thing i did. Main pump dead and my backup pump running at 30 percent. Roots destroyed everything. Everything was connected and came out as a clump lol. Some super solid weighted buds. Super solid.
Dry weight in 3 to 5 days.


Can’t wait to see the dry weights :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: you sir grew some amazing buds nice job :+1:


Thank you. The real test is smoking it. For us anyways. However this compares to my past grow which was headband by humboldt. Im hoping for a similar weight to be honest. There were some minor test differences which ill post with the final weight


Congrats on that harvest! :grin:


Sitting down to trim and final weigh


The bud looks frosty. Excited to hear your final weight results and smoke test!


So final weight of 54g
About what i figured. Based on that i expect his plant could push 3 oz and i have 3 more seeds to try.
Still one more harvest from the other grobo to trim and weigh.
As you can see only bud
Very pungent terpinolene present in these wappas. Almost overpowering or a full 5 of 5 on smell. Feels like walking into a wall.
There were tests between both units. This unit additionally have an 8 day delay in working and was running purely off an led panel with the door open and my own airstone. Also this unit is 100 percent just grobo nutrients, water. No extra anything.
The other unit got additional nutrients and had a fan present inside.
Bud was maybe 3 of 5 on sticky and 3.5 of 5 on frosting
I ended with an overall 50 percent or more amber throughout the plant at 150 days total grow time.
Both plants were 10 days sprout.
14 days early vegetation
21days late vegetation
14 days transition
70 days flower (recommended 8 to 9 weeks)
20 plus days flush

Plants grew almost exactly identical. Off shoot branches had bigger buds and more branches. Removing smaller branches will force a bigger yield imho next time.
Also will likely add extra nutrients
I do not think the usb fan inside the unit made a difference in terms of yield or bud growth vs using grobos. But i do think it helps prevent rot, mold and or dampening.



Great harvest man! The buds look delicious. Enjoy!


really great looking harvest! glad you got it thru with the broken pump :slight_smile:


Nice review @Todd.grobo … appreciate the outro prespective on the grow! That kinda stuff helps others learn some more…

Terpinoline ? Hell yes! One of my faves!

I downloaded the pics (since im on PC) and zoomed in to see those trichomes, good shit! Very frosty. I know you said 3.5/5 but if we think about the discussion moments ago on the Black Market vs Grobo weed, I’m sure you’re beyond good :slight_smile:


Agreed. But other strains have been excessively more frosty than this so the scale of 5 is only based on what ive seen.

2nd plant cominh


2nd harvest.
54g for both. Creepy hey. Plants knows something we dont. @Stephen why is this a recommended grow from grobo? Size or experience?
Same strain. Same time
Extra fan added. See above benefits
Extra nutrients added through grow to flower not added by grobo. Opinion. Enhanced bud clusters, size, crystals and tricomes. All 4.5 out of 5
Smell is like 4 of 5 as compared to the other. Pungeant but not a wall.
Until @Stephen posted his video today i always thought it was weird my cannabis never looked like anything i bought before. Now i know. We knew that crystal was super potent. When we smoke the collected crystal its usually OP. :cupid: