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I have to leave for 2 weeks, the family booked a last minute trip to big island. I have the automation for my bloom and veg tent squared away however still deciding how I should care for my nursery (see below photos).

I was thinking if flooding the tray and covering it with blackout film to keep the coco in the cups still wet. I am unsure if It would trigger dampening off or not.

The cloner, I was thinking of removing the dome, add a riser so the clone holders are a but higher and filling the tray to the max and turn it into a giant kratky tray.

I wanted to see what you guys think, @vegetato @Todd.grobo @Mpower11 any :bulb: or suggestions?
and thank you @SilverGrobo for that awesome suggestion.


Bloom Week 2


Thanks for the floatie idea @SilverGrobo . It nudged me towards making a mini diy dwc system, with an air stone for the clones. I’m hoping this will work. I’m pretty sure it will


Bloom Week 4

Came back to a Jungle of issues. Had a power outage for 40 hours while I was out which couldn’t been helped.

I cleaned them up as much as I could, removed 3 struggling girls and let’s keep on trucking.

:hammer: 9LB Hammer :hammer:

:banana:Banana Kush :banana:

:cake: Yellow Cake [Underdawg_D x Wedding Cake] :cake:

Veg Tent

The cuttings are no longer babies


Looking :eyes: gd bro :sunglasses: they are coming along nicely :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Week 5 Bloom


Wow you have it down to system. Amazing looking plants. I wish my tent grow was that healthy!


Thanks, if you ever need any help or have any questions, I’m more than happy to help =].


If you don’t mind I can explain what I’m currently using and send you pictures of the current project. They look amazing, but I can’t find out what am I doing wrong, since most leaves are turning yellow and I’m not even flushing.
Can I post on this thread?

Sure you can share here or if you have your own thread up, you can direct me there.

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Don’t have a thread for that grow tent so here it goes.
I’m currently on week 13 of flower and I’m helping my friend grow inside his 4x4
We been using fox farms ocean farm soil and fox farms trio + cal mag. All done with ph water reverse osmosis.
Feeding twice a week half of the recommended dose.
We have 2 girls scout cookie extreme and 1 Bruce banner(back left).
Temperatures here are really high, luckily we got a cold front for the past 2 weeks.
The tent is inside the garage with no temperature control.
I know it’s to close to light but we lost control since he let it veg for a lot longer then planned.
Leaves are turning yellow and eventually going crispy brown. Weirdly enough most of the times this happens the middle leave is the one that flies super dry and die off, leaving the others yellow.
Try chromes are not amber yet, but almost, almost there. Mainly 1-5% amber at the most.
5 gallon fabric pots and he’s watering 1 gallon for all 3 plants every other day now. Before was almost daily.
Humidifier in place with 45% humidity control.


Thanks for sharing your photos.
From the looks of it, the yellowing is quite normal when buds form. The plants can start cannibalizing its own leaves for the energy to give support bud growth. You can definitely remove all your fan leaves (leaves with long stem) by now to help it with bulking and maturity. You’ll notice your plant will perk up more after de-leafing them as well.

Don’t worry about the crispy dry leaves in the middle of the and bottom of the canopy, that’s due to lack of light hitting them, you can remove all that as well.

Also 45% RH during your stage of flowering is pretty good, it will make your plants drink more and produce more trichomes.

Other than that, your plant doesn’t look bad… Good job!


Thank you so much! And I was thinking everything was wrong lol losing nights of sleep on YouTube :rofl:

Thanks a lot!


Dam Vick…do you deliver….nice tent.


Week 6 Bloom.

More clones


Hope you’ve got friends to help you harvest :joy::joy:


One man army unfortunately :laughing:


Now that isn’t going to be fun but nice looking Bud’s


I’m in awe as a first timer. That’s some awesome colas. Congratulations. Makes me want a tent :tent: :star_struck::+1:t2:


Boom week 6.5
Going to pull bulky b and add fulltilt on Wednesday