Very high nutrient?

I keep track of the ppm of my grobo tank. Last week when I did a flush I noticed the ppm was 1800. I have other dwc grows and im unusually between 600-800 during grow. So I did another flush and it put another large dose in right at about 1800. Is this normal for this machine. I feel like they need to allow the user to adjust nutrients if they know what they are doing or use recipes for beginners. Another thing I notices is i have the same strain growing in a tent planted at the same time and the grobo plant is a dwarf compared to the other.


Are you using a TDS meter or an EC meter? @SilverGrobo may have some more/better insight on this, but I kind of recall reading that TDS wasn’t the best measure for Grobo nutrients.


Its both I have always measured using TDS. No rral reason its always worked for me on other grows. Just wasnt sure what the grobo should be at for 30 days of growth just seems very high to me.

Hey @Werk309,

Shoot me a support ticket at and I can investigate further.