Veg Garden 2021

Look :eyes: really gd bro :sunglasses::+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Looks great Todd

I have been behind posting pictures of the garden. Here is a fast photo update.


Dude amazing :star_struck::+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Looks great Mark!


Loving the pics looks great!


Fantabulous. :star_struck:


I did some more clean up work on this plant…

Getting it trained and ready for Powdery mildew season… I want to remove more Fan leafs and bud sites just waiting to see if signs of changing to flower… This plant is so late…

Also I need to top dress just debating if I should top dress 444 only or a mix… (I have been holding off but I don’t have a choice anymore)

My guts thinks 50% 4-4-4 and 50% 2-8-4 with some worm castings


She’s looking gorgeous, though odd as an auto she’s not flowering yet :thinking:


It was a Auto that was planted but the genetic’s of this seed took after it’s photo parent…

Should have sowed a few seeds I know better…

What I should have done is put her in darkness for 24 to 48 hours weeks ago… It’s to late now this plant will not finish until October now… O well… Next spring I will have to redue my auto flower experiment… This season was a fail…


Looks amazing power! :muscle:t3::dash:


Beautiful :star_struck: my brotha :sunglasses: what’s the total grow time on that plant :seedling::+1:t2::dash::seedling:


May 16th sowed

94 days now


so 40 tablespoons of 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 and I would use at least 2 cups of worm castings if possible.
Hope to see her flip!


10 gallon pot

I dressed with

10 heaping Tablespoon of worm cast
5 tablespoon of 4-4-4
5 Tablespoon of 2-8-4

Now last week I also feed them Tea also so I didn’t want to over due it… I like to be in a position to add vs having to much.

Whats your thoughts… should I up it…

PS I think I see pistol’s coming out now…finally


Did you go half strength? Do you figure shes 5 more weeks left? Assuming she starts flowering day 1 tomorrow?
I stop all nutrients and toppings 5 weeks prior to harvest and then no flush is required. If you have 5 weeks to go, id up to 40 tablespoons. 4tablespoons per gallon pot lasts 30 days. I’d hate to see her short on nutrients when she’s rushing to finish flower. I am not sure how much teas will play in the long-term success, likely very helpful but not totally sure.


1 went 1 tsp per gallon… Normally I go with 1 or 2 per gallon… I kind have been playing with the idea of dressing less but applying more often… I feel I have more control this way…

If I’m right and pistol’s are coming out I would say I’m in week 2 of flower… So about 6 to 7 weeks left is my guess…

True… I’m keeping my eye on it forsure… She is on the hungry side right now… I should add there was about 15 tsp of worm casting and Boogie tea (combined) all that organic matter was top dress on the plants also… This weekend I may give she a bit more… I’m going to wait for the fish shit and tea to breakdown what I dressed… Normally it takes me about 7 days to see results .

One thing I did notice is with all the rain top dress seems not to last as long… It gets leached out the pot if it rains to much


Does it overflow over the top? Do you have some kind of tray underneath it to catch and help it re-absorb water?


Yes and no not like your thinking I’m in a air pot… when it rains alot the top layer runs out the holes on the side… I’m going back to fiber next time…

Nothing to catch the bottom leach

See what I mean


Interesting even from rainfall that it runs out. I didn’t find that happened too much to mine, but I used dirt and not coco the first time I was outside. Try fabric next time for sure in a 1-inch tray so you always have a bit of water?
It doesn’t rain here really all summer so “natural” rain doesn’t really happen here… The last two days are the first two days of rain in two months at least where I live specifically.
Have you started your teas yet or coming up soon? Is anything different going in the mix this time?

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It’s been a rainy summer for us here. Fabric next time for sure.

My next grow not changing to much.

Planning on rebuilding my drain system to support larger pots.

New things on the list

10 gallon pot inside (maybe bigger)
Going to make my own tea starting next grow
Adding nematodes right off the start
Replacing my drip system with Halo drip rings

That’s about it for now. My goal is more infused teas vs top dressing