Utopia Haze (sativa) - Flower stage (day 64/68)

Hey growers,
I’m back again. I’m only 4 days away from the end of the flowering stage. What does everyone think? When using a microscope, most of the trichomes are cloudy.



looks good. Green tips maybe ten to 14 days


So I should extend the flowering stage to 2 weeks correct?

One for now. What mix you going for? 50 50 is my sweet spot

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I agree on 50 50. Will extend for one more week and will bother you again in one week with some pics :slight_smile:


Hello there!
I’m having some bad luck. My Grobo won’t connect to the WiFi and support has been useless so far. They almost told me to do a factory reset after I told them several time I’m close to harvest. They just asked me to send pictures to understand what can we do to not disrupt the growth.
I need to do a drain and refill today and from the attached pics, I don’t think I’m ready to harvest yet.
What do you suggest I do?



What total day. What day in your flowering stage.

I extended a week last time we spoke and now I’m at Day 71 of 75.

It looks like maybe 20 percent tops amber without a loupe. You could go to flush for it to ripen out

Great! How do I start flushing though if I can’t connect? I would need to change water today…

Power cycling off for 30 seconds doesnt get it to connect?

Support said not to unplug the Grobo. Is there any risk to lose the recipe and stage where my plant is at?

most issues your mentioning and have been mentioned i personally havent opened tickets for now. I just power cycle and go to fix. Experience leads me to rhe problem if any quickly. Youll have to make those choices for yourself when your warranty runs out. Just saying.

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Have you ever lost the recipe and stage your plant was on after power cycling?

Nope. Even when not connected to wifi mschine always turns on znd off at the right times etc