Using a Hydroponic System vs Growing with Soil

So head outside with a bucket and shovel right? Yeah, not so fast.

You should always ensure that you are buying your soil from a bag and not just getting it from outside, as store bought product has been treated to remove all of the bugs and critters that can tear-up your garden.

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Yep I’ve always used foxfarms ocean forest or happy frog, and promix with mycorrhizae. Both are clean and have all a plant needs for optimal germination and seedling growths. Last plant in soil was the delicious candy I posted pics of on the forum. I used foxfarms ocean forest and didn’t feed her anything but ro water for the first 5weeks


@Osage hey how is fox farms ocean soil ? I heard seedlings tend to get burned in that soil… other than that I’ve heard great things about … when I start my soil grows I wanted to use that. Also @Osage how many times do you usually transplant a soil grown plant ? Should you go from something like solo cup straight to 5 or more gallon pot ? Or solo to 3 gallon then to final pot?

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Hey Chris,

First, I always pop my bean in ro water in a solo cup. Then I fill the cup with foxfarms ocean forest with about 1/2 inch from top. Then when I have a tap root, I stick my finger in the soil about an inch down drop the bean in tap root down and cover the top. I lightly water, not very much first time as soil is fairly moist. Then I wait for the sprout to enter the world. After that I wait for the soil to dry out a bit then feed it good. I only ever transplant once. When she is ready and outgrowing the solo cup I fill a 3gal pot with the soil and use another solo cup as a slrt of place holder when I am filling with soil. Once soil is in and packed lightly (don’t over pack as the soil needs airation), I take out the empty solo cup (place holder cup) from the soil in the 3 gal pot and take my plant in other solo cup, tip it upside down squeeze lightly and out she comes. I then place her in the hole where the empty cup was for a pretty perfect fit ohhhhh, forgot something…before putting plant in the hole empty solo cup was in I always sprinkle root magic around the area where the empty solo cup was and where I will now put my plant. Root magic is awesome and always helps my roots acclimate to their new environment. I don’t like to transplant more than once. I know a guy who starts his bean right away in a 5gal bucket. Hope that answers your questions. Any more feel free to ask.


@Osage nice just always wondered about the nite burning as I’ve read it happens with fox farm but if your having succes then I should be fine … how long do you let your plants stay in solo …

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Hey @chris_barfield you can definitely transplant into different pot sizes even if its 3 or 4 different transplants because it promotes stronger growth and better roots that are nice and full :muscle:. But if you can’t you can still keep in the same pot or just do one transplant into a 5-10 gallon depending on the setup lol, but just know the more sizes of pots you go through the more it optimizes more growth to your plant overall :smiley:. BUT ONLY DO THIS IF YOU HAVE HAPPY PLANTS.:smirk: fyi