Used Grobo water

Anyone consider using the used Grobo water to water a grow in soil in a tent? Pros and cons?


Just to list a few


  1. Save water and nutes


  1. NKP ratio could be off because your plant in the grobo has been feeding on that water
  2. If you have any type of bad bacteria in your water you transferring it to your soil
  3. Ph is on the low side for Soil unless you adjust it or grow in Coco

I don’t recommend it but members here have used it before for there other plants… Also remember your changing out that water to refresh it.


I’ve heard it’s good for keeping the grass green :wink::fist_right:

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I always dump mine outside on roses or some flower outside and we can definitely tell which ones we have dumped that water on compared to the ones we haven’t, so there is definitely good stuff in there still just not sure it would be enough. If I remember correctly there is someone that has a thread that did this and at some point they had to start adding nutes because the grobo water by itself wasn’t enough.


It Could also contain Little Nasty Buggers :flushed:!:wink:!