Used grobo for sale

Seller of a used grobo… used it very rarely but was mindful maintaining… cleaning probe keeping in liquid case and cleaning out the water tub. Probably had 5 grows. All successful but just not something I will continually do.

Included… I have magnetic things to hang two sets, set of nutrients, a cleaning kit, and extra probes. Let’s chat if you are serious l…


Where are you located? Are you shipping the unit or is it pick up only? Valuable information for the potential buyer! These are very expensive to ship including the packaging costs, as the item is around 90 lbs if I remember correctly.

Thank you! I am in nyc area … probably will not ship unless can work something out.

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Is this still available?

Yes it is

Hi! Is this still available? If so, how much? And I would need shipping to Virginia, so how much for shipping?

Hey interesting I am not sure I would have to check how much shipping would cost. I am sure expensive. I haven’t used it in some time as it’s just sitting in my living room.

When I checked once for shipping from mid states to east coast, it was around $400 I think UPS.
I am sure you could get it down some or maybe freight I was using the generic settings.

@peteryune is this still available?