Updated Support Hours

Good morning AG

We wanted to share our new hours of operation. Effective immediately Grobo Customer Support will be Monday to Friday 9 am EST to 5 pm EST. We find having the whole team together during the week is helpful in resolving cases quicker for our customers.

Please keep in mind our Champions can capture many of your questions during closed business hours here on our allgrowers community for those needing fast expert advice.

Have an amazing weekend and happy Holidaze AG!



Hi Todd,

Bummer that there will no longer be any weekend support I think it’s a fair assumption that most of us do their water changes and Grobo Maintenence on the weekend. I remember when you guys added the weekends not to long ago, how happy everyone was. Hell you helped me on a Saturday before and it was very appreciated.

Does this mean that if anyone has a problem with a Saturday morning Drain and Fill that they will have to wait till Monday for support to get back to them?

I ask because I’m starting a new grow with the Gen 2 in the morning since I work during the week. Will there be emergency support or anything like that or do we have to rely on the AllGrower forum on Saturday and Sunday?


Hey @C453Y,

Correct, we will be able to assist only during our new support hours, and not on weekends. The good news is that our Champions are always lurking and able to assist if you run into any issues.



Hi Steven,

Like I told Todd, this is unfortunate. I’m sure I wont be the first to voice their concern.

May I ask what brought on this change?

I agree that the Champions are a great resource but even that wealth of knowledge can be somewhat limited as they can’t see what’s going on with your box. I’m not talking about the standard “how’s my plant look” or “when should my fan turn on” type of queries. I am fearful of the ones that a good old fashioned reboot won’t fix.


I have used the forum to get info on the Gen 2 (hopefully ready to go now that the replacement part has been installed) with being a new product and all. I see that it has not been without its challenges.

Let’s say, as planned, I fill her up tomorrow morning and drop my seed and I come back in a bit to see the box had emptied all over the floor. Champions will respond with the ever present “put in a ticket right away” and then we wait till Monday for a response?

Again, this is just worrisome. One of the primary reasons my wife and I took the leap and added the Gen 2 was because of the exemplary support and how many times they have come through for us. It is a huge weight lifted, knowing that you guys were always there. If this was announced before Good Friday, we may have reconsidered or at the very least, waited to see how this decision played out.

Now obviously, I know you guys and gals will still provide that same great service in a 5 day period and growers will adapt as that is what we do but maybe just one emergency support person might be an option, for when waiting 2 days might be detrimental to a plant.

Just worried.

I’m glad that you folks at Grobo are always willing to listen to us growers and make us feel like our concerns are valid.

That means a lot.



I’m not posting to start any debate on support hours I just want to add that close to all problems that happen on a weekend can be addressed with a work around until Monday…

I don’t personally don’t see this being a big problem.


Hi Mark,

I agree, MOST can be handled with a few good directions from a more experienced grower and/or a restart but certainly not them all. I am so very appreciative for all the guidance I have gotten from you guys on these boards. However, you know as well as I do that so many of these threads end with “put in a ticket”…

I’m not complaining just to complain. It is a very real concern to me as a consumer of a product that I have invested in and come to rely on for my medication. I have been lucky enough to have two very successful grows under my belt with a third on the way and starting a fourth in the morning with the new Gen 2. So I consider myself an investor in the Grobo product and a firm advocate of the growing experience.

Losing Saturday and Sunday is just about 30% reduction in support coverage. That’s a lot. I get that things are tough all over and companies have to make tough decisions and I’m am certain this on came with a lot of thought and consideration.

I’m only stating that I’m concerned.

(And I know my luck, I’m going to be the first person that has a problem wherein there is not quick fix from a friendly grower. You’re going to be the first one I ping if any problems arise in the morning when I fire up the Gen 2)



Hey @C453Y,

I can understand your concern. I myself was happy to hear when support was 7 days a week. However, I can also understand why they would go back to only weekdays. Just remember one thing…I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a problem to completely shut down a grow over the course of 2 days. Pretty much every issue we’ve come across in the 1.5 years I’ve been around, there’s always some sort of work around. Everyone here can help with ideas and suggestions, so don’t fret if support isn’t around…I’m sure we can find a work around if necessary to get anyone through the weekend :wink:.


I hear you loud and clear just saying most of the time we could keep your plant growing until Monday


I like most have had some hiccups with the gen 2, all handled extremely satisfactory in my opinion. Having just recently jumped into hydroponic growing, from soil, I have been reading a ton. Some people call me overly positive but I am thankful for the support that is offered by the staff and the growers here. I acknowledge for some this will be a rough deal, problems are few solutions are everywhere. Read Read Read Plan Plan Plan Smoke Smoke Smoke repeat


I can say the champions are correct. I’m new and there is a solution for just about anything on the site itself. Also I’d say two great champions responding to this change is a plus for the weekend issues. :+1:t2::sunglasses: I feel like now I’m in good hands with these champions and there selfless efforts to help with our issues. But I do understand.


Well my problem started today on Saturday I drained it then it drained all my nutrients out of the bottles and wouldnt stop draining (pump would shut off) I had to unplug it. The app doesn’t pause or fill my water. Now I have no nutrients and it keeps flickering on and off for some reason. I don’t know what to do, any help would be nice!


Is the Grobo on? Recipe loaded? If so, you can pour water in manually. Depending on stage we can dose if you have nutes manually. I’d pull hoses from 3-5 for now.

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It’s on and recipe is loaded. I’ve had problems with the machine since day one. They resolved the first set of issues finally and now this.


I can understand the frustration. But I just want to keep you rolling till Monday :wink:


I will pull the hoses, should the reservoir be filled on day 15 or not all the way up?


If you’re at day 15, res should be to top water sensor. Don’t do anything through the app. You can dose 10ml of 3-5 manually as well.


Ok thank you so much I really appreciate it!!!


It’s why we’re here my man!


You’ll still need to submit a ticket so support gets in touch, but this should keep you running till then.


This may be completely useless information or completely wrong but I was wondering for the people who have had nutrient loss, are the nutrient feed tubes in the water tank or hovering above the water line. Are the nutrients being siphoned when the water starts draining? Knock on wood I haven’t had this happen to me yet. I would be super bummed if I lost all my bottles :sob: