Update on my first grow

The first pic is the female. She doing well. I see crystals​:gem: on some of the leaves. Please don’t be upset if I’m not Using the right terminology :notebook_with_decorative_cover: on growing. Remember I don’t know what in doing. I’m surprise I got this far. :joy::joy:. The one in my bathroom is looking a little sad today. I accidentally broke a limb off. But I end up re-planning it just to see if it’s going to get roots. I was not trying to clone but hey if it works it works. I use raw honey on it. I just put it the same pot with it’s mother. The one in the Grobo machine looks good. I still don’t know if it’s a male or hermaphroditeIn jet.


Hey! You’re doing just fine! I like seeing the cat in a few pics :slightly_smiling_face:

In the bottom picture, I think your bathroom grow, it looks like a male plant. Those greenish sacs/balls are a male plant indicator.


It may be a male or hermaphrodite. I didn’t want to kill him and the one the grobo. Because this is the first time I ever grow I just wanted to see what I can do. They are from seed that I just found when I smoking and decided to try it out. That why he in the bathroom. I don’t want him to mess with my female. She do not need to get pregnant (piling) by him. He has a studio apartment. And she has the deluxe loft apartment. Lol with a :cat2: cat security service 24 hours Lol I didn’t pay any attention to my cat being in there. He is attention hog. Anytime he could photo bomb a picture he will do it.