Unplug unit when not growing anything?

Hey guys

Just got my Grobo and finalized setting it up. Just have a question. I am still waiting for my first seeds to arrive but it will probably be another week or so .
So the unit is plugged in and I can hear the fan running. My question is do I unplugged until my seeds arrive or just leave it plugged in?



Hey Marcos,
You can leave the grobo unplugged until your ready to start.
Have you signed in and connected to wifi already?
If you put water in the reservoir please empty before unplugging!
When your ready your unit should search for wifi on its own when plugged in, if not please let us know so we can get you up and running again! :eyes::seedling:

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Yes I am connected to the WiFi. No water in the tank yet. . Thanks for the info. I will unplug it until the seeds arrive



Break a :leg::seedling: