Unit Damaged [RESOLVED]

I dont know where else to place this. I recieved my Grobo last week with a broken door and bent frame. I have sent around 10 pictures of the damage. No one will respond to my messages. I just want to return the product now. Please advise me on how to do this.

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This concern has come up with a few of us users. I sent in a support ticket at support@grobo.io I’m pretty sure. Send it there and they will get back to you

I have already tried this route and various others.

Try getting this issuu to @bjorn and @Robyn. Do the at symbol (@), then their name and it will alert them. Alternatively you can click on their image and click message. You will be able to message them privately. Send it to both of them

Hi Star,

Sorry to hear that your unit arrived damaged. :frowning: I’ll followup with the support team and see what’s happening. Hold tight!


Hi Stephen,

I was referred to you by @Osage.

I just received my Grobo. I was really excited about it. Now, not so much because it is just sitting there now taunting me. I cant use it at all. Cant gor lights to stay on as door is broken and the frame us bent so even if door wasn’t broke it wouldn’t close. I have tried to contact support but now no one is responding.

I am now really anxious instead of really excited. I never spend money on me and for once I decided to do it. And this was a HUGE purchase for me 2400 and then customs and transaction fees. I really now just want to return and get a refund but no one is talking to me now. My anxiety is shining bright I guess. Anyhow would appreciate your help if you can.

Star, Stephen is the horticulturalist. @bjorn is the ceo, and @Robyn helps with these sort of issues. Please do an @Robyn and @bjorn. That should get the ball rolling quickly.

Hi @Star,

As we talked about in our emails on Monday and Tuesday, your bottom hinge broke in shipping. @Robyn has already packed up all the tools and supplies you need and is sending them out! If there are any other issues, please email us at support@grobo.io and we’ll be happy to help.



Highly recommend stop using fedex. I’m telling you they are the worst. Def reccomend usps or ups



I replaced the hinge and then for some time now couldn’t get unit connected due to software issue. I got it connected today. However, the door will not stay closed and will not lock or unlock. I have discussed this with @Robyn today and she said it is acceptable and to just push hard. I feel air just standing outside the box so I dont understand how this could be at all acceptable. I guess it is if your not paying the electric bill. In addition, I dont care if I pushed the unit to the ground it wouldn’t lock!

I just want a refund because I am done dealing with this unit. See pics.



Hi @Star

I just checked in with the team and it sounds like you worked with Robyn and Jason today and that your door is now closing properly. Happy to hear it was all fixed up! If you need anything else, please message our support channel and we’re all happy to keep working with you so that you can start growing!

All the best,

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