Extended warranty

@Osage I’d write into Grobo support with that question. They will be able to provide you with an answer to that for sure.

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Hi rouleauj,

If the damaged sidewall is producing light leak, contact support@grobo.io and we will take care of you. If anyone received their Grobo and find it’s been damaged in shipping, please contact us within 24 hours.



Thanks just did. :scream:


I might have this same thing going on. Is this what you guys are talking about?

@Gatorsfn28 yeah, but mine is all around the top as well as both sides and top of door. My door is bowed out so you can see lots of light coming through the middle of door as well. Here’s a couple of pics:

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Yeah, I have to second this. I got my “opportunity” to buy the extended warranty today…within 6 days from now! Not at all stoked about that as I’m a teacher and won’t get paid until the end of September. I honestly think we should allow customers to buy the extended warranty any time within the first year of purchase. I paid almost 2k for this unit and I have only six days to protect myself? I think we can do better than that. Come on team let’s get this thing worked out.


@Osage yours definitely looks worse than mine :frowning:

I totally agree about the extended warranty. Can we make the purchase in a couple weeks to months instead?

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I have to say I have the same issues around the top and door. The light leak is very obvious. Do you think that will impact the effectiveness of the carbon filter?

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Also what is the lenght of the factory warrenty?

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Hey @Wolf

My plant is still in veg I haven’t put my filter in yet. I can tell you from past experience if you are growing a pungent strain the moment you open your Grobo door the wonderful smell will come rushing out regardless of light or odor leaks. I would have a secondary method of masking some smell if it could be a concern. The Grobo isn’t 100% hermetically sealed so some odor will come out, just a small fact. :+1:


1 year @Wolf

Agreed, but when you have as much light leak as my unit, then my plant hermi’ing out is a real possibility/concern. I expect smell when I open the door, but not loads if it’s closed. Hopefully they come up with a reasonable fix. $2000 is a lot of money :moneybag: that said I’m sure they will fix me up right. Grobo does care about its customers.

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Yup, I hear you. This was almost my first question on this forum. Light leaking in not out. Your unit is a different issue, I wanted to make it clear growing weed is never odourless unless maybe you’re on the space station, lol.

Ohh have a great weekend everyone, roll one up!

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Wow did not think about light getting in. I’m thinking caulk will seal the top. Won’t work for the door though


Here’s my thread asking about that.

External Light

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I thought that was normal, lol

I want an extended warranty how do I get one



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Was this ever fixed?. I have the same with mine. Thought it was normal and may be the reason my entire house smelled last grow.