Under the Hood: Wire Disconnected

Peeked in the back of my grobo, & seen this under the hood. Anyone know what this wire is and if it’s supposed to be disconnected like this?

Also, is it safe to remove the top if I don’t have electrical safety gloves?

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Hey, that looks like a ground cable, send in a ticket with Stephen and he should be able to help you. :wink:


Also if you open the top make sure the unit is unplugged and yes you should wear safety electrical gloves to be safe.


It’s the grounding cable and only sits on the screw from one of the back2 you can remove. The loop portion just sits over the screw to electrically ground the machine

But will I die tho, if I don’t use the gloves? :thinking:

That’s what I thought cuz I have the same type of cable for my vinyl cutter. So one end should rest over that screw in the photo, and the other end should be placed where exactly?

No but to prevent possible electrical shock I would recommend using the gloves. :wink:



Wire Disconnected

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