UI Feedback

I just put it quickly together what I‘m missing in the UI.

  1. Values, values, values and if they are good (link what should i do). I don‘t want to buy measuring tools for a 2k+ device
  2. overall progress bar was not clear
  3. are lights on? (Check)
  4. Estimation if this bottle will be enough for this grow

Just my 2 cents

  1. We tried. Unfortunately Grobo will never release the data as it is their proprietary information and will confuse beginners.

  2. Overall progress bar is just a guideline… it is by no means an actual indicator for the actual progress of your grow it’s simply based off of the days of the recipe. Would be nice to see the Day X of Y though, but still that is all just general information as almost everyone extends the recipe which will change the values anyway. Better to just go by the current stage of the grow imo…

  3. Lights on info might be cool, but seems a little irrelevant in the grand scheme of things since you set the schedule so therefore you should know when the lights are on and off :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. Estimation if bottle will be enough for the grow… Another one that varies depending on the extension of the grow stages so I don’t see how a value would actually be able to accurately predict this. General rule is simply to always have backups available.

Not trying to shoot you down at all, just my opinions as well.



It seems that in Grobo’s eyes what you are trying to accomplish defeats the purpose of the Grobo growing system. They truly want their product to be as close to “set and forget” as physically possible. I have personally begun to appreciate the automation greatly especially since going back to working in my office rather than home. This is a feat that they are close to achieving once all hiccups are ironed out over time, you are right there are still causes for concern, Grobo is working constantly to improve and it is my belief that in the near future they will create a product capable of 100% worry-free automated growing.

I understand your stance on not wanting to have to buy extra items for your Grobo. Unfortunately, if you want these measurements and confirmations you are going to have to spend. Below are links to two items that will accomplish all of your measurement monitoring needs. I own them and I recommend them fully. Should you decide to add them to your system you will not be disappointed.

Bluelab MONGUA Guardian Monitor for pH, Temperature, and Conductivity Measures, Easy Calibration and Wall Mounted https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0081K32B0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_fabc_qCdbGb1ZN6KB1


So when did the pH and EC readings from a Blue Labs meters become proprietary? The only thing that could be conceived as proprietary is the API for the sensor readings. Now, if the Grobo actually alerted us when water was low (not the automated weekly reminder) or when the pH and/or EC were out of whack then I could see a possible reason not to share the data from the pH and EC. Its been awhile since I have been on the forums, but from what I remember there is literally zero live monitoring or alerts to the staff if something is wrong. We literally have to wait until we notice something, open a ticket, wait 12-36 hours for a response (longer if a weekend) and maybe they will be able to tell us something.

The problem I have with this is if you notice a potential pH issue on Friday evening, you have to wait until Monday before they will check the ticket. Or did they hire weekend staff recently? So I have to wonder what purpose it serves to block us from seeing the sensor data? If we could see it on Friday we could take steps to ensure the pH probe is calibrated. I just do not see the logic behind their decision.

Our only alternative is to purchase our own pH and EC meters to check for issues. Not sure how everyone else feels, but after spending well over $1900.00 the last thing I wanted to do was spend more money on my own set of testing equipment. Makes zero sense.


I second that.
At least temperature and humidity. If temperature overwhelms the user,…
It took me hours of browsing the web to see what is the best temperature/humidity for my grow. My climate was not good but no alert from grobo. So there goes the automation.
Empowering the user would bring grobo into the spotlight of how to learn growing. Start safe, learn, evolve. You‘re lazy? No problem, we‘ll do the job (alert, change climate,…).
I really like my grobo, but a quick forum search (#data) shows me that this is not just my opinion (not to mention all the pics of grobos stuffed with at least some type of meter).

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