Type of water use Grobo

got a question asking if anyone has used this water from wal mart for their grobo ? Looking for new water for next grow and appreciate the help with any info and thanks !

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Purified = water was filtered similar to a Brita filter you may use in your home to get rid of chlorine. There is nothing special about purified water, it is a waste of money. Best water to use if you are buying it at the store is distilled. You can get it pretty cheap, provided you don’t spring for the “premium” Poland Springs type.


I use the same Walmart brand distilled water looks just like that 1


10-4 @a_e_Trujillo that is right beside the purified in wal mart, that will be perfect ! Thank You

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got ya @VermontGrobo we have the every drop refrigerator filter that reduces contaminants but still drink bottle water LOL
appreciate the feedback and Thanks !


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Purified drinking water is RO water.

It says so on the ingredients on the label.

I’m using distilled water for my current grow, but I have used purified drinking water before in the Grobo and it was fine. That grow failed because the room was too hot the first time around.

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