Turning on the Grobo again 😁-CranecityCannabis

Slf 100 2.5ml/g
Uc Roots - 2.5ml/g
Hydroguard - 2.5ml/g
Power Si - Silica supplement - strong branching , fight off pest, helps with uptake a micros

@vegetato 21 day schedule ? Not sure what u are referring too.
@SWSVIC SLf100 is pretty much just enzymes. Helps break down organic matter and great for hydro. Been using it for over a year and it’s one of my go to products


UC Roots sterilizes so I’d expect that any organics in the water are probably being killed off by it to some extent, including the hydroguard. At that level it might just be cancelling out the hydroguard with a worst-case that the dead hydroguard becomes food for bad bacteria to consume and grow with.

From what I understand it’s used instead of organic treatments like hydroguard or in stronger concentration (4x the weekly dose) to clean the reservoir every so often, such as every 3-4 weeks sterilize everything in order to introduce new beneficials (which would otherwise die if exposed to harmful bacteria too early). I’ve also read elsewhere that it takes a few weeks for (the bacteria in) hydroguard to establish a mature colony in the root zone, so it’s helpful to defer the first water change for a few weeks to allow for that. If that understanding is correct, then it’d seem counter-productive to use it along with hydroguard.

Unless the water is cooler I would think that the (remaining) UC roots (that didn’t get used up on the hydroguard) will likely gas off and be gone within a few days as it’s basically just watered down chlorine; they recommend to add it again mid week if temps are over 70F.

I experimented with liquid and powder chlorine at first but now only use it for cleaning out the res; 1/2 cup of bleach in water instead of 50/50 vinegar. If the chlorine level (HOCl actually) wasn’t maintained at a constant minimum level then the bad bacteria would take over as soon as it was gone, eventually leading to foul smell when there’s an accumulation of more bad stuff than (that level of) the chlorine can handle.


The other thing to mention about mixing some of those things together, is this:

If you’re not using grobo pH up/down the same warning could be on those bottles as well. That’s just something to be mindful of and pay attention to – if you notice (see/smell) any reaction you could have some things cancelling each other out or in a worst-case doing some harm.


I’m going to learn quite a bit from this conversation :popcorn:


@vegetato Yeah your right UC roots is mostly for sterilization. I was not using UC roots the first 2 weeks but went with the Hydroguard and slf 100 to grow the beneficials but at last that didn’t work. Temp in the Rez was 73 to 77… super hot in Cali this week. I normally like to use a bit of Hydroguard with UC roots because the Bacillus amyloliquefaciens is hardy and can survive in extreme conditions per Rep and from my own research. I was hoping after killing most of the bad guys, Hydroguard can help colonize the rhizosphere right away… I’m changing my Rez twice a week right now due to temp and to feed the girls growing outside. :grimacing:


@vegetato I’m also not using any of the Grobo nutrients. 60 dollars plus 15 shipping is way too much for nutrients. jacks 3-2-1 mix is pennies!! The only thing I like about the Grobo is the drain and fill.lol. I just emailed support regarding the lights… the night cycle is from 5pm to 9pm and it is currently still on :confounded:

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This is my outdoors mini pheno hunt- :grimacing:. The last picture are seeds I made from Dynasty genetics “Ocelot” crossed to a Sour D Bx2 male from Karmagenetics. Have to be self sufficient from now on


Seems to be good and healthy, growing rather quickly. Doesn’t even look like anything was wrong you caught it quick.

Re-saving the light schedule in app sometimes fixes that if it’s not coming on or turning off at the right time. I’ve had that happen a handful of times before. Can also check settings->timezone but would guess that’s probably not the issue.


I’ll try that right now and see if it will reset itself.

Day 17 -
Support dealing with lighting not turning off during the night cycle. Water change today-used waste water to feed the girls outside):joy:
Temp 75-80
RH - 47-60
EC - 1.7
PH 5.9-6
Power Si-.5ml/G
Jacks 3-2-1
UcRoots- 2.5ml/G
Hydroguard will be added 2 days later.
@chris_barfield water was clear during my water change


Nice yea I might have contaminated my bottles of si by using the same syringes with other products … I know silica is super sensitive … but if I feed my plants right way it’s all godd

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Did any issues arise with the cloudy Rez?

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For me I’m having issues with my res after 24 hours . It goes a bit cloudy … I’m not sure if it’s a real problem or not but I’ve been working on how to solve the issue … I have new bottles of si but I’m going to wait unti these run out

Been cross contaminating with a syringe every water change. I do clear it by sucking in and forcing out water a few times to flush the inside and then wipe the outside with a paper shop rag. Is this a no-no? Haha

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If u get a microbial product into a bottle that has fertilizers - that might cause the solution to be unusable. Never had it happened to me before. I normally attached each bottle with a Velcro sticker with its own syringe to avoid cross contamination…


Great practice, will do single use from now on.

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Starting the main-lining process. First top this morning . Topped at the 5th node today and remove the rest of the bottom growth. Happy Friday :+1:t2:


Awesome, look how thick that trunk is already, :fire: genetics. Can’t wait to watch your mainline process.

Got to love the mainline!!!