Trying something new

I’m new to growing and I’m loving the trial and error process of the grobo so much I went ahead and invested in my first tent (60x60x80). Thankfully I’m blessed with a lil common sense and a builder’s mind cause my tent came with no instructions and I had no idea of how to set up my lights and exhaust. I don’t think I did bad but if anyone see anything that I could do different or set up a better way I’m open for suggestions.



I Am In The Process Of Making Myself A Lil Growbox As Well… Can’t Wait!


Nice you got a gigantic tent! I also have a vivosun tent in 48x48x72 You can get massive yields with that square footage.

A few things I noticed and just tossing suggestions out there.

How much coverage are those 2 King LED lights? You want your lights to cover enough that there are still some light bouncing off the mylar side walls, so I would suggest strategically placing the lights above that it can have an even coverage of par/lux. You can use a phone app like lux meter to test this out.

Also you can probably save some space by just connecting your inline fan directly to your carbon filter, this can also help increase the pull air into the filter.

You will also want to add a few fans to your tent, (1 intake and a few oscillating fans to help move the air around in the tent)

A tent is an awesome investment. Best of luck with your new operation!


I got the fans plus humidifier coming. I have some full spectrum strip grow lights i was thinking bout placing around bottom half. Do you think that would be too much

Under canopy are nice but not needed at all and if applied, they are only used during bud ripening and you should be mindful to provide enough space to account for cola sagging since under canopy lights tend to lure the branches and colas towards them. I would focus on getting the above lights dialed in and light penetration via pruning first before working on under canopy or side lights.

Taking too many steps ahead may result in over spending and more frustrations to tackle. Try not to over complicate your first test runs to ensure success.


Just wasn’t sure if those lights were enough one is a 1000w and one is 1500w. Based on what i read the dimensions should cover. Together they suppose to be enough but after hooking everything up and looking at it i just wasn’t sure

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Yeah, the only way to tell is to test it. Use your phone instead of buying a par meter, it will save you $150 lol.

This is the one I use they have comparable ones on the iOS platform as well:

Then use this as a guide to see if its enough and make your adjustments:


Gonna try that lux meter app soon as I get home

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Lux meters don’t work correctly with LED lights. You must have a Par meter if you want correct data

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I was wondering that yesterday but I’ve ordered one hope it does the trick

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Looks like a Lux meter. If your using led lights lux meter will not work correctly. Need a par meter

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On the description it says it measures leds

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Post a link to what you bought but still looks like a Lux meter to me

Note: a lux meter will show you light readings just it isn’t able to read all light spectrum’s to give you correct data

I think you bought this

This is a Lux meter

The product write up is a bit shapy look at this

  • ★【Professional LED Light Meter】: Whether you’re a set designer, or looking to set the mood, proper lighting is a must. The Dr.meter Digital LED Light Meter measures the brightness (up to 200,000 lux) of fluorescent, metal halide, incandescent, and high-pressure sodium lights, guaranteeing the perfect luminosity every time.

They call it a LED Light meter but don’t list LED in the type of bulbs because it is a Lux meter and it can’t proper read…

I would cancel the order before it ships if it was me… The only problem with a par meter is the cost… They start on the low end around $250.


Ok did a lil searching I think I’ve found one now about this one


That looks correct👍 That is a really good price also.

I have my eye on this one


I was looking at that one just thought that was more than what I needed right now. But I definitely will probably upgrade to that one at some I see it measures co2 as well but what is ppfd

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Same as Par

What I think is kind of cool

Measures your light’s color spectrum output


Nice setup! I have a Vivosun tent as well, 24x24x46 inches. Mine is “marginal” for Grows, as it is too short. I am in the middle of my 2nd Grow and I bought a slightly larger one (more Headspace), 28x28x63 inches. Might not seem like a lot, but my Grow area is very small. This is the best I will be able to do, and the extra Headroom should make the critical difference.

Already I’ve learned enough here to Up my Game. Got a better light, too. On my first Grow, my buds were taking too long…I pulled ir down prematurely, which was a mistake (I know now). This time, armed with better soil, a better light, and increased knowledge, my 2 plants are turning into Bud Monsters. Here’s one, at Day 46. Approximately 25 days to go. Happy New Year, Best of Luck to you, and - please do! >>> Pics! Pics! Pics!



Dope congrats hope all grows well. Yeah I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been in this community that’s why I went ahead and got a tent.