Trouble connecting to wifi on previously owned Grobo

I purchased a Grobo from an individual who had set up the device but decided to sell it before using it for a grow. I just received it today.

While going through the setup guide, I was able to connect my iPhone to the Grobo, select my home network and type in the password, but I could get no further.
At this point, an error message would pop up that read something along the lines of, “Uh oh, your Grobo needs to call home.” At this point, I would be taken back to the initial “Connect your Grobo” page, but my device would not be able to locate the Grobo and I would need to reset the grobo using the back button again to go through the process again.

I did this several times before I realized there was some kind of issue, likely due to the fact that the Grobo had been set up by its previous owner. Do you have any idea what I can do to solve this issue?

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Send in a ticket. @Stephen might just have to delete the previous owner email info etc so you can set it up. Another option might be to reset router and unplug grobo for a few mins


Ownership has to be manually transferred at grobo so please open a ticket