Trimming last 2 weeks before flush

It’s been awhile, but I wanted to show some pics and ask a quick question here. So to get more light in should I cut off the bigger leaves now to let more light in or not? As you can see I have some top-down photos to show the shading of some of these leaves. I didn’t cut them because I feel some are needed to feed the flower right? What are your thoughts. Thanks



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Leaves should not be removed at all, neither big or small, as long as the plant is alive, although in some cases you might be forced to do so. Some infestations can be vicious and destroy the leaves on your plant with bites and eggs.

Are use a GROBO so I lollipop my plants to a certain extent. If you wanted to you could remove a few of the leaves underneath your canopy that might be covering up some buds but that plant is growing like a fucking champ so either way you’ll be good to go. Just don’t go Edward Scissorhands and you’ll be fine.! I’m only on day 13 of 63 of the flowering stage but I’ve been slowly trimming leaves off about every 10 days at the most just to get more light to my buds.image|375x500

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Hey, thanks man. Your plant looks great as well. I ran into huge problems with seeds from a vendor so it’s been a rough go for me in the grobo. Got one going now from another vendor and all is well. Got Gold leaf, here are some pics of that.


The strain that’s in my tent is Wedding Cake and that’s what I posted and I wanted to see the difference between using B52 nutrients on top of Carbload to see from previous Wedding Cake without those as well as trying to cut I think from top-down more to expose more pistils to light. We shall see in end result! But I can tell by I definitely notice a difference! Bigger, Fatter!! :sunglasses:

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Man you can already see where you and Nugs are going to come from on that birthday cake. What you were describing is basically what I did to my plant. I just removed leaves to expose the buds more but obviously left leaves wherever they were already pistols and white hairs coming out.

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