Trellis / Net

Just curious … anyone try putting a trellis / net on the sides of their Grobo’s as opposed to only laying one horizontally at the bottom? Seems more efficient than going crazy with magnetic hooks🤔

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I started off using metal trellis but I like using the wire supports much better!
Easier to isolate a specific branch, I use them to replace supercrop technique.
I have several wire supports on the bottom three picks…
Let’s experiment on the next grow with the cloth side trellis idea.


I love the aesthetic of the metal trellis, but I can see the rigidity getting frustrating to work around compared to more flexible options. Keeping metal trellises vertical on each side wall on magnetic hooks would probably work better than horizontally since we don’t need nearly as much flexibility there. I’ll probably start with the cloth ones though since they’re cheaper :grin:


Add a pic when you get it setup