Transplanting gender determined plants

OK I have some regular seeds that I don’t want to just put in the grobo and have it turn out to be a male and waste a cocopod so I would like to know what is the best procedure for trans-planting plants that I have already been growing enough time to learn it’s gender @Stephen


Use @phenoexpress
After the first set of leaves punch a hole with a whole puncher stick in the kit send it off and in two days you will know the sex of the plant possible the amounts of the and other stats


Daaaaam that’s badass thanks @chris_barfield :fist:t4:





Hey @Wolf1,

That is a great suggestion from our Champ @chris_barfield. I’m currently working to integrate rooted clone recipes into our list, so look for that update to be coming out soon. You will need the plant to be rooted in the coco pod, then you can just pop it into the lid and select a recipe. Email and we can assist in tweaking the recipe a bit to help.

Any details on what you are wanting to put in, what stage it’s at and what medium its being grown in?



I do coco/perlite mix in me tent so it would be that medium but I was asking for the future grows I have planned @Stephen

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