Translating yield to Grobo

Just starting out and was wondering how the indoor yield per square meter translated to a single Grobo grow. Roughly half since it is 14x14? Just curious while doing my research.

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From what I have been reading, its about 2-3oz / sqft

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Indoor yeild per square meter shouldn’t be taken too literally, is it measuring the raw yield (pre-trim) or is it including larf/sugar or not? If it’s a number taken from the breeders’ site then it’s probably biased as well; not necessarily representative of the success an amateur would have vs a professional.

Another metric is grams per Watt (of light) which again doesn’t imply that’s grams of final product or grams of raw material, it depends on which was measured to come up with the statistic and which you might measure to compare it with.

We also have a low ceiling in the grobo (less than 3 feet) so the vertical space is limited by about 50% (when compared to a taller tent or grow room).

The simple way to do the square meters to square feet conversion:

  • How many square feet are in a square meter? 10.7639 according to google.
  • Resulting formula (could divide by 10.7 to be more exact): image
  • Then assume that due to height restrictions there will be further diminished yield (up to or around 50%)

Some genetics and techniques or environments will behave differently than others as well, so there’s even more to muddy the waters with. A strain that stacks and swells like crazy and doesn’t stretch much might yield more than one that likes to stretch really tall and doesn’t usually stack much.

Long story short - take those #s with a grain of salt, your success will almost surely look (or weigh) different than others’ due to the differences in environments, genetics, and to some extent luck/experience.