Transition Stage Question

Hi all! Got a question if anyone can answer. It’s my first grow. My second day of transition stage and I want to know how to you know when it’s ready to move to flowering stage?

I know with late vegetation, the plant has to reach the second fan before flipping depending on the shift schedule. I read on the forum some people recommend lollipopping and then add another week.

At am I looking for on the transition stage before flowering? Thank you! :pray:



  • (As far as I know the [Transition] -And- [Flower] is quite the same, so if you are going to do any changes like [Extending] you would do it in the [FlowerStage]):

  • ([Lollipopping would get done in [VegetationStage]): (Stephen did Strip in [EarlyFlower]):

  • ((#YourGrowYourCall)): :herb: