Topping GDP

Good day all one quick question I need to top her but I won’t be home for a few days how long do I have till I can’t top her anymore ?


You can top a Non auto plant anytime you want if the plant is in Veg…

The idea why you want to top at 5 nodes is you want a small bushly plants not a tall plant… In theory the sooner you top the smaller plant you will have…

Space is limited in Grobo so most top at 5 nodes…

Strain also plays a big roll on Plant height… Sativa most of the time are bigger plants than Indica

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I believe I’m at 5 going to 6 but I had to leave as an emergency didn’t even think about it till now I’m going to return Friday but just wanted to make sure waiting that long won’t damage it or anything in that matter

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No you will be fine no worries

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Ok cool thanks for the quick response

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