Topping autos

Have you calibrated?

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I dont have the kit ,

@buzzy6 I’m hoping for similar results this grow. I usually don’t remove many fan leaves but I feel like with the Grobo you don’t have that option since lighting doesn’t really penetrate the sides much as it gets bigger. I am liking the response of the girth and after 3 weeks I’m starting to see it grow maybe a half inch a day. Im not sure how long it will be before its legalized here so addional grobos are probably in my future. If I can figure out how to make my way into 2.5-3oz territory then I won’t be disappointed at all.


Yeah @Nathan I’m with you on the extra machine(s) in the future…3oz would be good from a plant :seedling: inside the Grobo but I see it’s hard to accomplish being that you’re limited on growth


About to jump into Grobo now. I don’t have an auto in their presently, although that is my preference. If you have success topping autos, that’s good to know because seems to me there has to be a way to increase the yield.


@vegetato how so you think shes looking ?? Were on day 45 I stop the stress training , pistols are everywhere …


Luckily I saved her from the nutes burn and did some minor trimming and she looks really happy .

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A bit on the small side but doesn’t look bad. There’s still time for it to stretch a bit.


I knew she was looking small, next time I wont stress train … should I worry about it ??

Here are some night photos , @vegetato this is day
57 shes right below the first fan … :frowning: I really shouldn’t of topped her I hope you have some good news for me i know I won’t get a lot but I’m still going through with this one …


Wow! Did she ever stay small! Reminds me of @Hellyesshedid’s first grobo grow.

Does look like a bit of extra trimming was done; were the removed leaves going bad or having problems? Not sure I’d blame the topping for the dwarfism, perhaps the trimming/other training on top of that was a bit too much?

The last time I trimmed an auto down this much it herm’d and threw seeds and then died. Yours looks at least looks way better than that one did, hopefully no seeds!


I literally just trimmed her up , she doest mind the trimming just the leaves over lap , and then they would start to die i havent touched her since , she will recover and ill show you pics the main leaves just get really big then cover the whole plant with how small she is … and I’m wondering if this is genetics also … of course she would have been bigger if I didn’t top her … I’ve never done an auto before, I should have taken pics of the sad under leaves that were dying because of no sunlight from the top.

I’ll stop the training all together then when she gets too bushy again ill post you some pics so you can tell me what I need to do , but I agree . It could be the trimming … she seems to recover very fast from the trimmings and get thicker every time … I’m really hoping it genetics but we won’t find out untill the next one I have 4 or 5 more of these little boys

How many days from seed? What day did u top? Normally topping autos is ok when u do t observe any hairs and they are growing big vigorously. I would continue to top the auto. I normally top within 18-21 days. Some I have seen main line their auto which takes some skills of reading plants but for most 1x topping is okay.

I topped once the third or 4th node hit like normal this plant does not like topping at all , she never grew back and was exposed to light , i waited 2 to 3 weeks shes day 58 now, i think I topped her around 24 or somewhere it should be in the comments up there .

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@vegetato she recovers really fast , and grows really fast im open for advice shes about to be day 60 , what are your honest opinions ?

She is day 59 , will she stop growing and go into flower ?? Or grow with the flower ??

Keep it topped up and happy, and maintain some hope that she stacks up a bit more. :slight_smile:

Are you not in flower phase yet? If not just flip it over now, it’s been flowering already. If it’s been flipped already I’d extend for as long as she will take it.

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Thank you man !! I’ll do so right now . I have her in transition but ill go straight into flowe :wink: ill keep you posted , Master sensi :slight_smile: