Topping and internodes

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Hello, I’ve got a white widow grow on day 23 currently last day of early vegetation. I did a little light pruning of some leaves, but I’m unclear about what to take next. I want to clean up the small leaves at the bottom. I think I’m also going to top it at this time. Do you think it’s time to top or too early?

And do you guys remove the internodes? I think they are also known as suckers on plants like tomatoes. They grow diagonally at 45 degrees between a node and the stem. On tomatoes, they also create fruitful blossoms. This is why I am loathe to take the internodes as I don’t want to remove any potential bud sites.

I’ve attached several pics. Thanks in advance for the help.


thats an auto? not much you can do to them. Just let her go. If you dont think it will out grow the unit, you might be able to get away with 1 more week of vegetation, however autos make me nervous, they always outgrow the unit when modified. for me anyways.

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No. Not an auto. Photoperiod Feminized white widow. And it’s growing well.

then extend it a week or two for sure. I would top it in about 5-6 days.

Interesting… I’m running this strain myself right now. I think most people are cautious where to tell you to trim due to the fact that there is and is not a “right way” to train your plant and that “way” can vary from strain to strain. After reading your post. I can see you’re doing the research. So not too worry. One thing I’ve found exciting about this first grow is being able to try things. Here’s a couple of pics to show u some things I’ve tried with my WW fem.

So… What you’re looking at is:

Topped at 3-4 internode( technically the cut was made directly above the 4th node between the 4th - 5th node that was barely developing) on around Day 12-15 Early Veg.(Don’t go by my schedule I’ve been extending my recipe regularly).
Then healthy center growth after about 3 days of recovery.

So like I said. Just go crazy with that strain. She’s a grower. :+1:t5:


On your plant:

I topped here on your plant. And since then I’ve been doing low stress training and I’ve tried some other trainings techniques.
Yours is looking really good. I can’t wait to see how your plant turns out.

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Thanks for the help. This is quite an adventure.