Too tall for day 8?

On day 8 of germination phase and she is looking tall without many leaves. Does this look normal? Any advice is much appreciated! Chocolope sativa from ILGM. Thanks

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She’s stretching towards the light, put in a ticket and make sure your lights are functioning properly.


Thanks! Just sent

Do u know how long the lights are supposed to be on during germ phase? I don’t think I’ve seen them turn off yet through day 8

Your lights are missing spectrum colours send in a tickst to support


Check your light settings in the app to see what your light schedule is. Not sure what photoperiod strains are on, but my auto is on a 18/6 schedule.

Also - is the red light coming on after you press the button in the back/on the app? Or is it red all the time?

It’s been red the whole time

Aa i said thats not normal and why your plant stretched. Its not getting enough light/correct light. Younger plants like a blue spectrum for big leaves etc. Email
Terminate this plant and empty snd clean your unit. Keep your probes in a zip lock bag on the side wall when you clean and put some water in it to kepe em moist

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Thats what cannabis looks like grown under like a 60watt bulb. No joke.

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Yeah, @Todd.grobo is right about the light. I was hoping you had the same issue as me which is the red light coming on when I press the button, which wouldn’t have affected your grow, but your plant hasn’t been getting the blue spectrum it needs for this stage.

Here’s more info on Grobo Light Spectrum Full Spectrum Light? - #2 by Chris - Fundamentals - AllGrowers Forum | Hydroponics, Harvesting, Cannabis, and more


Bummer!!! So I guess it needs to be reprogrammed? Not sure why only the red light is coming on

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Yeah, I’m due for a call with Support myself. Send your ticket in for now and they’ll reach out to you on Monday.


Ithas been damaged or shifted in transport that caused this in other units.



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Took the top cover off and discovered the LED plug was not fully plugged into the electronic board. It obviously happened during shipping. Easy fix! Starting over once my new coco pods arrive. Thanks everyone for the input