Tonight the ladies will have their way!

5 weeks to go Need an Escort is needed to Harvest when growing plants out Doors. I have two forced flower plants I hope to finish soon so I don’t need no surprises in late August.
500 lady bugs 200 lacewings larvae ( lacewing larvae are badass! ) eat every soft belly in its path.
Tonight in my force tent I am going to release just half the lady bugs and the other half tomorrow or the next. The lacewings I will dumping right away all on both plants as evenly as I can after lightly misting leaf so eggs can stick. It’s takes two days for lacewing larvae to emerge and when they do HUNGRY as &$#@ and Ugly.
Soft Belly Predators


How cool​:beetle::beetle::beetle::beetle::beetle:

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Yes Sir!
The lady bugs will get first come first serve and when the Lacewings hatch they will just Occupy kill any thing in its way for at least 2 to 3 weeks.


Love it!

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