To The Newbie: Best Advice

Now that I am on my Third grow…The best Advice I can give to anyone starting out with a grobo is “Leave your unit Alone lol” when I i first got my unit I was always checking on my plant which I think in turn cased a lot of problems…when u first get the unit it’s exciting… I get it…but the best thing u can do is plant your seed…leave it alone and once a week when you are filling the unit is when u check on her…other then that leave the door closed!!! Ohhh and always use gloves :gloves: whenever tampering with the plant, watering or anything that have to with grobo…where :gloves:!!!


All good points. It’s a fine line telling people stop fussing with your plant… (especially below the lid, the roots) Some May say what an ass telling me to leave it alone, lol. My last grow I never looked under the hood once in 115 days, there just was no reason too.


Best advice! :100:%