To mod or not to mod..?

So I have been digging around and reading as much as a possibly can about the Grobo and all of its functions and to be honest, it can be quite overwhelming to say the least.

My question is this… are there any Groboers out there that simply let the Grobo do what it does without all the additional nutrients, chillers, fans and such? Just out of box…?


There are a few people who have been successful this way.

@Todd.grobo is pretty close to this honestly as far as I know… check out some of his grows!

You know, honestly, I don’t ever see @Stephen with any mods in his Grobos, at least in the videos! They do recommend the use of Hydroguard though, so that is almost considered an essential to me.


Nice, I’ll check out his grows.

I just really want to keep it as simple as possible. I want to see what the Grobo can do on its own without all the additional nutrients and stuff.

My Grobo is in a small room in my basement where I can control the heat/humidity pretty well so I’m hoping I don’t run into any problems there once I start my grow. Any data on how much higher the Grobo runs about ambient room temp?

I did order the water temperature sensor from the Grobo site to keep an eye on it and if it gets to hot.


It seems like on average I wanna say the Grobo runs about 4-6 degrees hotter than the ambient temp if I can remember correctly… If you can heat your basement area to like 70F you probably will be hitting around 75 in the Grobo… I think. Some others might have differing opinions

Mine actually runs about 2-3 degrees hotter because I have @SWSVIC 's odor and heat reduction mod which helps suck out some of the hot air and keep the temp of ambient more close to the Grobo temp.


That would be me . I think I added fans towards the end of the grow… but it was all naturalll I think I came out with the first run but I remind you it’s was my first and didn’t know as much but in my opinion I think I did pretty good for my first go around


And if my words don’t make since lol I’m extremely tired been up for 2 days now and now to tired to sleep🤦🏽‍♂️


Make sure you don’t stare at your avatar too long then hehehe! :rofl:

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You ain’t joking either lol

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I have no modifications on either of my grobos and i only use nutrients when i am growing previous seeds so i know what to expect.
Dont even use fans anymore as i dont believe they are generally useful past the first month
Smallest harvest was 28g. Biggest harvest was 70g. Last grow was double wappa for 3.84 oz between the two. I have yet to see any consistent harvests from users who add extras. As we eat and drink and smoke our cannabis the healthier or purer of chemicals for us the happier we are.


Only thing extra in my grobo is fan to dry coco pod a water temp digital gauge and inside out side temps humidity temps that’s pretty much it nothing fancy.


Oh and the camera to look at remotely for piece of mind for critters or u unwanted eyes :eyes:


I just had a fan for my first grow. I even switched to tap water after several weeks of distilled water. I’m on my second grow now.

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Hey @C453Y I’ll throw in my two cents. The Grobo is an extremely capable machine out of the box. There are many different approaches you can take to growing with it.

A lot of these modifications pertain to the environment surrounding your grobo. Beyond that however, I am a tinkerer and I truly enjoy modifying and “over clocking” pretty much anything I get my hands on. I have truly enjoyed modifying my unit and the area surrounding it, and the growing process with all of it running so smoothly.

At the end of the day, you should do what you feel is best given your personal scenario and desired grow style. We are all here to help with any MOD questions from the simple to the most invasive.


I don’t use anything besides what comes with the grobo either and I am very pleased with my results. About to be finished with my third grow, check out the pics if you want.

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Hi @SWSVIC - Thanks for the reply!

I am looking forward to learning just what is capable from the Grobo out of the box as a baseline and then if there is a need - add modifications.

My initial idea was to convert a room in my basement into a grow room and realized the the level of work and expense really didn’t fit into my lifestyle. That was when I came across the Grobo and I thought - let’s give that a shot first.

Now if the dang seeds would just get here I’ll be all set to go!


Hi @Ovie - I checked out some of pics - impressive stuff!

I can’t wait to get started!


I left mine as is. I only use hydrogard. Havny had any issue on my fourth grow now. Getting just about 2oz each time so far. I bearly even trim until it reaches the high I want then i trim let it recover. Then lollipop. Has worked for me so far


Hi @Chef,

Good to hear. That’s a schedule I can get behind.

As a medical user, I do not have a need for a ton of product and am more Interested in quality than quantity. So, for me, it seemed a logical step to give the Grobo a try.

In reading, many hours so far, it seems like just about every thread is about increasing yield by doing this and increasing your yield by doing that. Don’t get me wrong that is great and I am sure many folks appreciate it - but at some point you have to say, hey, just get a tent if you are going into it with a certain yield in mind.

Clearly it is a small chamber that is going to have limits. I’m interested in finding that sweet spot where GREAT product can be cultivated, regardless of yield.

Don’t get me wrong - I would like to get an ounce or two - sure that would be great but anything above and beyond that I would think that the quality of the medicine would start to degrade.


@Chef @Ovie @pha720 I knew there were some of you all out there who went with the bare minimums! Good shit :smiley:


We are planning to not use anything extra and try it straight the way it comes. The only thing we bought was Hydroguard and might not even use it the first grow to see what happens. I seen some add hundreds to the cost, just not planning to do that unless super necessary.