To harvest or not?

Hi, since this has been a “rocky road” with Wedding Cake.I say this because I ran out of nutrient bottles 4 & 5. Ordered got them and extend cycle. Then “orange leaves” and just another bottle 5.
So, now I don’t know :woman_shrugging: if to harvest vs. adding more time? Buds on lower “nodes” don’t seem ready??This fem. Wedding Cake on day 90. Now in Harvest stage.I always appreciate your feedback and guidance.Thank You!!!


Is it an auto or photo period
Do you have something to view the tricomes with?
How many days has it been in flower


Hey @Furio95 - It sounds like quite a journey with this plant! She is looking pretty good and I think she needs a few more weeks in flower before she is ready to be harvested.

If it were me I would adjust the schedule so you are back in the Flower stage and then do a drain & fill so nutes are dispensed. From the looks of it she may need more time. Maybe take it a week at a time.


Thank you!!!