To harvest it not

So back in september I planted a random seed outside not know if it would be male or female , she turned out being a female . Shes been in the ground for awhile now and I really dont think the buds will get any bigger. She didnt have any time in veg because of the late grow so she went straight into flower …

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I did something similar last year. I think I got 10g roughly off 2 depleted plants. Rather popcorny canabis. I don’t bother with those plants now. Doesn’t look like it would be worth it based on her current size but is up to you

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She started showing sign November 11 , I’m just wondering if the buds will get any bigger if I let her go her full 8 to 10 weeks ?

I dont think I tagged you in my last post . When I responded my bad .

I dont personally feel shell do well enough it’s worth your time

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So it is worth my time or it’s not?

I don’t think so.

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If you can make a tent grow from this one and put it back to Veg. Stage I would try to save this one: I saw a grow on this site that took an Auto Plant that was flowering back to Veg. and worked with it there: Now if I can find this, I will share it with you:

Here is one plant I thought was a goner:

Small plant in flowering

Here is another I thought might not make it:

White Widow from previous post