To chop or not to chop?

Hey guys,

I’m day 67/108 with Cotton Candy Kush, first grow, flowering stage (going on wk3), I procrastinated pruning the bottom branches, one in particular is looking very unfortunate. She’s about 6" under the highest canopy, not getting much light at all, leaves are starting to wilt - wondering if its too late to chop that branch off to avoid wasting more energy. Been looking around the internet, lots of conflicting information and theories…

What’s the verdict?


The fact that just the one branch is wilting is odd. Personally I would have no issues cutting that one off. Defoliating in flowering as you say has conflicting opinions. I’m pro defoilate. More light = better yield.

I just defoilated for the 2nd time in flower I had no choice it’s a beast again I risked have a planf full of larf bud otherwise.


Well I chopped it down, figured it wasn’t worth the energy! Let’s see how this turns out.

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