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Hey everyone its my first grow here and was wondering if anyone had any tips for me? I dont want anything to go wrong especially at this point considering how far I am into my grow. It’s a Do-si-dos strain and im currently on day 28 of flower.


At this point, your best option will probably be super cropping.


Any ideas on what to tie it down with? I dont want to tie it with anything that can harm my grow.

Supercropped my plant and was wondering if I should and could keep 2 of my main branches a little under a 90 degree angle because I am unable to close the door. For now I am currently keeping them slightly bent but with a support rack in place to keep it from bending back up. Also, wanted to ask how I did supercropping for my first time? Lol

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  • (Another Grower Did It Like This): :wink:

  • (I Used Magnets Like You Have There): :white_check_mark:



Hello CaptainMac

I was able to get wire to make a net so she doesn’t keep going up.
Then I worked on bending gently each branch that extended too far into the light.
work with a horizontal and then vertical bends they start to take a round shape so you dont take a chance on cracking/breaking them.

I used the magnet wire to hold the bend down.

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