Tips on leaves and nutrient bottles not being used

Hi Friends. I just changed the water in my Grobo, day 16 of flower and noticed brown tips on them, not sure the nutrients are being used and I’m kind of at a loss of what to do next, should I recalibrate my ph probes?


Hey @SiriusKitty,

Nice looking grow there! Tip burn is usually a sign that your plant is maxing out on the food that’s on offer. Not a worry as long as it doesn’t progress further. I do like your idea of calibrating the pH probe, I do it much more often than every grow. It helps solve many problems.

If you are worried about your dosing, it will happen after every successful drain and fill (according to your water level sensors) If you feel the bottles 3/4/5 are not going down about 15 min after your last drain/fill, reach out to our team via email at and we will assist!