Time to Harvest, but my WiFi is out!

Hi all!

The day is upon us. I’m in the middle of my “flush” stage. (Day 5 of 10) to be exact. But, of course… my wifi went out this morning. I talked to my provider and it won’t be up until Dec 1st at the earliest.

I know the Grobo has a drying mode, but I don’t think I can turn that on until I get my WiFi back in order right?

Should I wait out a few days for my WiFi to come back, or should I just go ahead and harvest now and start drying the old fashioned way? I think my plant looking pretty good so far, so I’m not certain what the best way to proceed is.

Any thoughts?

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Oh. Also tagging @Stephen because he’s my friend and knows everything! :smile:


Personally I would dry the old way if you’ve lost internet until Dec 1st. Gives you the opportunity to clean up and get the grobo ready for your next grow. :+1:


That’s kind of what I was thinking… I suppose I’ll give it a day or so to decide… but I got my pruning shears ready for some snip snip!


Oh snap! Right when you are at the finish line eh? So with 5 days left in flush, you should come back online with 1 day left before the recipe officially ends? You could then use the dry mode right? Without being online, you can’t select a new recipe. (Dry mode) Thoughts…

  1. You could use your cell phone as a hot spot to get the unit online temporarily to terminate your current grow and start dry mode recipe.

  2. You could stay the course and wait to reconnect in 4 days, finish up and switch over to dry mode.

  3. Snip, snip now and dry conventionally. (Hang to dry in dark well ventilated room)

Entirely up to you my friend! I know this is the hardest part of the grow to wait and little things like this can certainly tip the scales and make a grower pull her down early. How are the buds looking?


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Buds look pretty good, but I think I can go a day or so before having to harvest. Maybe my internet will magically turn back on! I also didn’t think about using my phone as a hot spot… I think that will be my fix for the time being.



My pleasure, shoot us some pics if you have the bandwidth.


So, looks like my aerator isn’t… aerating. I’m assuming because of my lost connection? Either way… I’m going to go ahead and bite the bullet and harvest. I don’t want to risk losing my plant this late in the game. So… yay! HARVEST DAY!



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Well. Here is!

My first grow. Not the best. But not the worst considering I didn’t do any trimming and had the wrong grow recipe going for a week or two!

I’ve got the big buds hanging in my Grobo with the lower fan running. I know it’s not in the drying recipe… but I figure having the fans on would help circulate the air. The rest of my clippings I threw in a brown bag and will make some canna butter with them tomorrow when’s i get home from work.

Pretty happy with everything overall. Can def see where I can improve with trimming and cropping and all. Will do that on my second grow… just gotta decide what seed I want to use next! I’m thinking a Northern Lights will grow well.


Def would be happy with that esp if the plant did it all on its own!

Did you get to weigh it? Just curious

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I did not. I meant too. But totally forgot. And I already used the trims to make some cannabutter. I’ll wait what Inhave left though after the drying period

Hope your butter turned out well

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It looks pretty dank! We’ll see once I bake some cookies.


I love making cookies with cannabutter. I never smoke I just vape with my volcano/pax/magic flight launch box.

What I do is save all my vaped weed and use that to make the butter. It surprisingly works really well and the product gets used twice so more bang for your buck :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: good thing to know is I vape at lower temps(370-380F). If you’re vaping at much higher temperatures I would expect a much lower potency cannabutter.


I totally did the same method and found that it worked great also! I’m excited to try my new butter now though: it’s the first time I used trimmings so we’ll see how it turns out. I might throw on my baking apron today.


I can’t wait to try butter made from trimmings too :smiley:


So, finally dried and weighed my batch! Came out to about 20 grams. So about 3/4 an ounce of smokable bud. Not the largest haul… but very respectable when I take into consideration that I used a lot of popcorn buds and stems/leaves to make a large batch of cannabutter.

Also, I tested some… (not sure if that’s wise right away… but I did it anyway!). And good lord… it is potent as a mofo!

Overall, pretty happy with my first grow!! Especially when I did little to no trimming or cropping, and the fact that I was using a recipe for a different strain. This little jar will probably last me at least half way through my next grow!


That’s not too bad! Pretty much just under mine. And same thing with all the popcorn etc, I made canna oil out of it and then made a salve. Think I probably would have had a higher weight for sure. What are you growing for round two @SterlingNico ?

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