Time for Transition? Shiva Skunk Day 61

Hi what do you think of my plant I planed to go in transition in about 1 week


If it were my plant, I’d lollipop and do minor upper defoliation now and transition tomorrow with a drain/fill. Looks healthy!


Thanks for your answer
How is a defoliation done? I did a drain I went to transition. Isnt lollipoping recommended for the flower stage?

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Here’s a link for a defoliation guide.

As for lollipopping, most do it 2-3 days before transition as that is the start of flower. This gives the plant some time to recover before starting to spend all the energy on the stretch and bud development.


Hi there I tried to do some lollipoping here is what she looks like now I did not want to do to much because of my lack of experience but I hope she looks good for now