Throw out the box it came in or save?

We are using a small space for this and wondering if we should try to save the box in case of problems or can you just get rid of it and Grobo will handle things if any problems?

We want to throw it out right away, but can put in the shed if we have to.


If you have to send it back, I don’t believe grobo will send you a new box just for that or cover the cost of materials if you took it to Fedex or UPS.

Edit: I should elaborate on this. I’ve not seen many, or any needing to be returned for service. Most parts are EASILY serviced by the user if need be. IE… I needed a new LED stack. Grobo sent the part as well as detailed instructions and took me less than 30 minutes. The only way you would need to send it back is if it’s completely screwed which I haven’t seen yet on the forum.


If only I waited a few more minutes before posting :grinning: as it just came. They have a big sticker on it saying to save it 30 days and something about noting damage. So not sure if I only have to save it 30 days if it arrives damaged and OK to toss if no damage.

We will probably keep it until we get it running and then toss it.


CONGRATS!!! I would save the box the 30 days even if undamaged. This will give you time to go through a few drain/fills, transitions between schedules, and basically get a feel for whether the machine is operating correctly. After that, toss it. I still have mine after over a year just in case I ever sell it I still have all the materials to ship as it was received if needed.


Thanks, I think we will. I can put it in the shed for a while. I am going to unbox after lunch, pizza just came.



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Your like me. If I have to change locations or anything just move I can protect my investment.
Growers Choice LED EC-RIO 420 600.00, and the 660 was 850.00 and the 720 was a 1050.00. so I keep mine in the attic.

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