Three weeks no roots?

Hi community! I’m new. I’ve been growing in my grobo for 23 days now and I have several layers of leaves. However since stage two I’ve been waiting for roots to emerge from the cocoa pod and there is nothing. I can see they’ve grown into the entire pod but will not go out of it. There is no tap root visible. The leaves are starting to wilt and go brown around the edges. I’ve followed all the instructions from what I can see. Also noticed some pink mold on the pod. And the nutrient solutions. Number two is completely empty while all the others are still full. Any advice out there?

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Are you in coco or peat pod? Can you share some photos please! Please open a ticket at for a bottle dump, we can dig in further and see what the cause is.


Bottle 2 draining means you require a ph health check (Grobo should have come with solutions for this). If you’re using tap water and not distilled or RO, this would make sense. As for the roots wrapping the pod…you are the first I’ve heard of this happening. Not sure what to do from here except for CAREFULLY try to separate the roots from the pod so they drop in the water. If you can, pictures would be helpful. You can post by clicking the 7th icon from the left in your text window…looks like a picture of a mountain with a sun, kind of.

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