Thought I had at 3:30am (FloraFlex mod idea)

Over the past couple days I have been brainstorming ways to put my Niwa One to better use, optimized for cannabis if you will.

The inside of the Niwa is roughly 13" x 8", and the current slab of rockwool is around 3" thick. The nute pump is connected to the Niwa which does the dosing, something that I would rather have control over. I’m thinking about getting a better pump and using my Amazon smart plug to program the schedule.

I was looking for a circle drip feeder to use with the new pump, the current one is 6 unreliable nozzles on the hose coming from the current pump. When I was doing some research I was in skimming through @Bplatinum9 FloraFlex thread and I had a lightbulb moment ! :rotating_light:

Why not use a square 6" matrix with a round matrix circulator. All I would need to do is swap out the pump, run the new FloraFlex hose, install the FloraFlex square matrix on top of a matrix pad, and then add the round matrix circulator. The rockwool is thick enough for the spikes on the round circulator, so it shouldn’t move around at all.



You can just save all that hassle and just use a flora cap not sure why you want a circular matrix … I would just add a clip and flora line to the flora cap and call it a day …but that’s my two cents I’ve been using flora for a long time now and it’s best to just keep it simple as you can


I was thinking about the matrix and the pad to prevent algae growth in the rockwool. I tried using aluminum foil to shade it, but it has proven to be a pain in the ass to keep in place.

I’ll take a look at using a flora cap. That may actually work better!


So is this what your using now?

And your thinking of using the square rockwool medium?

For something like this…

Photo by FloraFlex® 💦 on May 16, 2020. Image may contain: plant

That works like this…

Photo by FloraFlex® 💦 on March 15, 2020. Image may contain: plant


Thinking about using a cap on an 8”x8” rockwool block, not a super thick block. Then surrounding that with clay balls, maybe with some coco mixed in. There isn’t enough vertical height inside the Niwa for a pot, so I would have to use a chunk of rockwool about 3” thick. The current slab is roughly 13” x 8” x 3”.

Reason why I’d add clay around the rockwool is in case the roots expand past the wool so they aren’t exposed.

Now that I think about it I’m making it more complicated than it needs to be, but I’m hard headed and I want to see if my mods can make improve the grow quality and quantity.

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@Bplatinum9 that’s pretty much what I was thinking, minus the pots.

When my current grow is done I’ll take some pictures of my current setup, you’ll get a better idea what I’m trying to describe.


Have you considered just using a rockwool slab with drip?

Not the best picture but I think you get the idea


Check these pic ideas on instagram.