This is the slowest growing plant ever

90 Days???
Have not topped it. Killed 2 plants already when I topped them??
You were kind enough to extend my growing time but why is this plant not growing.


What strain is it ? Could be the genetics of that seed ? If It’s been Vegging for a month I’d ask them to speed the recipe and flower and start with a new seed …

@Seahawkpi That definitely looks on the smaller side. Were the other two plants you killed by topping the same strain?

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This is a Motor Breath.
The First one I killed was a Purple Kush. Topped it at node
6 and then it went into a decline that ended in death. The second one was white
Window topped it at node 7 and then it died.
The shock was to much I guess. But I’m going to let this one go without topping
Just to make sure this system will provide me with something to smoke. Any reason anybody knows why my topping would kill these??

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@Seahawkpi I’d throw in a ticket to so they can look at your unit info/history for this grow. Something definitely doesn’t look right.
This way @Stephen might be able to better speak to what’s going on.


Houston we have a problem.

Topping doesn’t kill plants but I can understand why you would come to that conclusion. I topped really early at day 25 (I weighed up plant health prior) and had a few days of stunted growth, recovered ok so far.

I would love to hear some background data on your grow. Sorry couldn’t offer much help.


Damn the motor breath is so fireeeee I actually have some in my stash def a good smoke sorry it died

Hi Seahawkpi,

Please put in a ticket with so I can assist. I’m not sure which unit is yours, the support ticket ensures I’m looking at the right one. You may have an auto recipe on, which won’t ever flower if growing a photoperiod strain. I can switch recipes for you, so please put in a ticket.


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Hi there

It’s growing and I have to trim often to get light to the bottom. But it’s 90 days and you extend the grow time already.

Hi Seahawkpi,

I’m a bit worried about trimming to allow light to the bottom. I recommend trimming the bottom and focusing the light on the top or canopy of the plant. I have not seen a support ticket yet so please do submit one for help. My memory fails when trying to match a user name with a unit name as our community continues to grow. The tickets ensure we are looking at the right unit and making the right tweaks.



I haven’t had the please of growing Mendo Breath, although I’d likely chalk it up to the genetics of the plant itself. Did you start from seed or clone? I would have given up around day 60 having concluded that the plant was a runt. I had two Sunset Shortcake plants that were runts during my last grow.

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Any update on this? :eyes:

Is that mendo breathe from gage green group or someone else