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So as I’ve been reading and seeing this last month without a grobo doing research and everything els , lillipopping and trimming , not to be rude but I’ve read everything so please dont tag the grow guide or anything just asking out of curiosity, when do you really know when to cut a branch all the way to the main ?? And if the leaf isnt getting any life why just cut the leaf why not the whole branch ? I thought when you cut the branches all the energy goes to you’re top canopy where there is light and energy needed than rather the plant producing food for those branches that wont do as much ?? Can someone explain? Or any ideas ?

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You cut branches if they are not growing at the same rate that you would like … in my fries I cut any skinny branches and branches that are just stretching too much … those won’t produce good sized buds … I also cut anything that is not at half the height of the plant when I go to flip cuz it will always lag behind … cutting branches and leaves is all about your style I’ve seen people not defoliate at all and just tuck leaves and produce good stuff I’ve seen people take damn their every leaf off their plants when flowering and also produce great stuff and on the flip side I’ve seen them do that and produce shit quality and yield so it’s what works for you… I lollypop at day 1 of flip and 21 at 21 I’m focused more on the branches that are just sapping energy and I don’t cut leaves down unless they are blocking bud sites… not sure if that helped but that’s what I do and I just got over half pound off two plants that were bag seeds


Definitely helped thank you man ! I’ll take all the information I can get . I honestly dont like to cut all my leafs and branches off either, but the pointers you just pointed out will help me alot.

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