The Truth is Out There

Little update on our Herb Garden. We have received our 2nd unit after trying for a brief period of time with the Mary AG. And… to age myself, I’ve called them Mulder and Scully. The room will be called Area 51 Bwahaha. Gotta have fun folks.

Computer is a Chromebox Base, running the latest Chrome OS. Very low power and works great for this small requirement. LED low power monitor and a HTPC keyboard. All in all, easy peasy. Wires you see hanging down will be hooked up to a 8 port PoE switch, Unifi NVR solution and 6 X cameras. Only 1 in this room. Room also has an August smart lock with geo-location locking to my cell. @stephen here is some pics.

Yes, the shelf is a little low and may impede airflow. I’ve moved the machines 5" out from the wall and appear to be running cool. In the ceiling I have a humidity controlled bathroom fan that should help move air (exhausted into our roof exhaust). If I notice air flow concerns I’ll likely take down the shelf, or drill holes though it to help with circulation - like everything in this room it is a work in progress.

Anyway, questions - hit me.

For those wondering, plant on the right is Gorilla Glue #4 feminized on day 24 of flowering.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: she’s already hitting the light​:joy::joy::joy::joy:



((#Congratulations)): :sparkling_heart:

Chrismas wish completed: :white_check_mark:



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