The time has come!

Hey all, the time has come! Very first harvest and its a mixed emotion having to chop her down! Ive got her chopped trimmed and hanging in the dry cycle. Not sure how yall wet weigh but i weighed just after chopping with just some sugar leaves left no fans and got 262.4?! Obviously gonna drop drastically once dry but still seems exciting none the less. So at this point shes in dry cycle lights out, should i put the mini dehumidifier back in as well as the mini fans i added during the grow? What kind of temp and humidity should i try targeting? Perfectly the mypharmjar curing jars arrive today so they can go straight into the jars from dry. Also is five days enough dry cycle, has anyone extended? Cant wait to start the next grow!
Skyrone Haze autoflower by mainely autos


The bottom two pictures are of my apex cola, she hit the light early in life and had to train it to bend before burning.


How very exciting!! :clap: :clap: :yum: :yum:
I’m really curious to see what your dry weight is vs the wet weight!!

And I’d be interested to hear more about your curing jars, if you wouldn’t mind?


@Angiebaby i guess i cant include links but “mypharmjar” is the company

They just came in, they come in various sizes meant for curing. Airtight, uv proof and for a little extra they have lids with digital temp and rh. Definitely feel and look quality. I got two 1 liter jars that claim to hold up to an ounce each, two 500ml and a 250ml. No digital lids but i bought a six pack of boveda humidity packs to toss in.


I’ll help you out
Stash jar Herb container 2 Oz (1000ml) Miron Glass curing jar Odor proof, Violet energy glass w/digital humidity/temp sensor (embedded in lid)


Dude, awesome harvest! Those flowers look beautiful :slight_smile: A very interesting strain!

I like the jars… gonna look into them some more

Looks like you trimmed the leaves pretty nice, I think that 5 days will be pretty good for you to dry enough I would imagine… It all depends on the actual temperatures and RH of the Grobo I think as well. Try to keep it cool and lower the humidity if possible! I haven’t done this myself but I feel like 5-10 days is the going standard for drying Cannabis honestly, you don’t want to do it too fast or too slow, all will depend on the environment of which it is drying in!


Nice harvest good looking buds :+1:t4:


nice harvest congrats


Hey question!! So where/how does everyone dry their sweet leaf pile? :upside_down_face:

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Lot of people will put it down on a tray or plate inside the Grobo on the “floor” (reservoir lid) I’ve seen. @Angiebaby oh also they don’t take as long to dry as the buds on the stalks do either. Leaves will dry up before the buds do typically.


Thanks! I’ve been wanting to ask that for a long time, no one ever shows off their sweet leaves, lol. Hmmm, how exactly do you know when to take them out? People talk about squeezing your buds to test for moisture on youtube, etc., no mention of leaf. :woman_shrugging:

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Leaves will crumble when they are dry, can break them with your fingers.

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Buds are a little more difficult to know when they are dry enough, too crunchy and that’s not a good thing, but one of the main indicators is whether or not the buds will snap off the branch by themselves with some slight pressure. Where I work, if the bud isn’t QUITE dry enough, scissors are needed to remove the buds for the most part, but if they are dried really nicely, you can snap almost all of them off with your fingers. ^ Sometimes we have to shuck and buck our buds when its not 100% dry to keep up with production quotas, but we never do it unless they are like 80-90% done, otherwise it’s too difficult and not a good idea when they still have moisture, that can lead to mold problems potentially

This will vary from the bottom of the stalk to the top, the bigger the buds the more moisture it will hold and the stem around it as well

P.S. The top colas almost always need to be snipped, if you don’t cut them you’ll end up destroying the bud sometimes! If the stalk is dry enough, you might be able to snap a smaller cola off, but with the apex colas they look much nicer if you cut them… atleast thats in my experience.


Wow, that’s some advanced lingo! :joy: I knew about the snapping off and the stems holding moisture and sometimes having to cut but your PS is a little confusing for me and what is shucking and bucking? I can shuck some corn but that’s the only thing, and I can say Aw, shucks, lol. Pretty sure I’m nowhere on target. :joy:

Yeah doing this myself, mold is certainly a concern. Especially since weed is so colorful and pretty all by itself, and um… so are mold varieties! :rofl: And I’M supposed to know the difference? Sure, tell me another one!

I know I sure don’t like when I get dry weed, and it sure tastes good when it’s the perfect level of moist/NOT dry and crunchy, and if I can accomplish all of that I’ll be doing the Steve Urkel “Did I do that?” mixed with the Carlton happy dance altogether!

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Inside the Grobo she seems to be hanging around 70-72 degrees and i noticed 62% RH so i threw the mini dehumidifier in. Its only been roughly 12 hours and the humidity was that high already and im in a high humidity state nearly year round. Can dropping the humidity too low hurt? Maybe ill run it during the day and turn it off at night.

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@Angiebaby with due time we shall talk like them :rofl:

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Haha @Joseph_Calafiore @Angiebaby I’m no expert…

Shuck and Buck is the name of the process of either

  1. Shucking off the lower quality buds to use for extraction purposes (take everything off the stalk by running your hand down the stem and removing any kind of flower parts/leaves

  2. Bucking the good buds and saving them for premium flower! (In my head, buck them to sell for flower, so make a BUCK or two!) ← no idea if that’s what it actually means…

@Joseph_Calafiore good job keeping an eye on that stuff. Dehumidifier is a good idea

Keep this in mind; if you can keep your Grobo under 70 that would be better. From Google (and from my work experience as well:

" The most volatile terpenes found in the cannabis plant will start to evaporate around 70° F (filling the air with a pungent aroma). Other terpenes will begin to evaporate rapidly around 100° F, although temperatures will vary.)"


Ah! That makes sense @pyromancy!

I may be reaching but that may explain the difference in bud size and shake size at different dispensaries, would it not? Or in different strains perhaps.

Sometimes buds will be nice and big, plump, and dense. Other times premium will be more like little popcorn buds.

Sometimes shake is all nice popcorn buds and sometimes shake is a couple popcorn buds and a lot of loose weed, like it’s already been ground.

An even standard across the board would be nice! Of course, I know some strains are never going to grow as big and dense as others but still… Ya get what I’m talking about? Does it relate?

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Well I think that the bud size isn’t directly related to what I was talking about, where I work we take all buds that are not dense enough to sell as premium flower and use those for THC extraction to use for our vape pens and PAX pods. Even still, once the entire trim process is done sometimes the buds end up smaller than the larger nugs

It would all depend on the grower and their quality standards. My medical program often will label as Popcorn or Rough Cut or Small Buds if they are the smaller pieces and premium if they are larger pieces, but for instance if you and I both bought the same strain as premium flower, I might have one large nug and you might have a bunch of smaller ones, and rarely it might be all tiny nugs that were the “lower size and quality, but still good enough for premium”

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