The leaves on my plant seem nutrient deficient?

I think my plant may be nutrient deficient and it doesn’t look like the Grobo has used any of the nutrients they all look almost 100% full can someone tell me if I’m right and what I need to do? Thanks!


pics of the bottles?

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Do a drain and fill. Sometimes the nutrient pumps don’t get primed. Also check to make sure there isn’t any air in the lines%


Is that from seed or clone?


Definitely looks like a clone to me.


It’s from clone

Thank you! I will try this out today that could be it, it has used a bit of bottle #2 but that’s it. I will post a pic as soon as I can

Can it just be shock adjusting

VermontGrobo you are a genius this was the problem. After I refilled for the first time it clearly used some of all of the nutrients. Second refill though and about half of bottle two is used is that normal?

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  • (Ths Is Concerning): (I Would Put In A Ticket Before You [Drain/Fill] Again): :scream:



Thank you I was concerned this might be abnormal I just submitted one

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