The Girls

My first Grow…2-month mark. I have flowers! Hooray! I thinned these down to 3, and they’ve grown right up to and past the lights…a lot higher than I thought they would. I’m Bending the tall colas (a bit late, I know) to keep them away from the lights. I failed to label them, so I believe it’s 2- Banana Kush Auto and 1 - Sugar Black Rose (photoperiod). Really not sure, anymore. They all look the same, so it’s now Either/Or.

Yes my tent is only 48" tall. I know I need to get a slightly taller one for the next Grow, or just use the Lowryder Auto seeds I purchased. I will also LABEL the plants on my next grow. But first:

I’ve cut the lights to 12/12 from 16/8 (for the first 6 weeks), and added just a Taste of Dr. Earth’s Flower Booster (1./2 recommended dose) plus watered them with a WEAK mix of unsulphured Molasses (2 teaspoons/gal). It seems to have boosted the flowers a bit. Feedback is very welcome, as I am a first-time grower. I’ve already figured out that “Things are not always what they seem”, as these plants were all supposed to stop growing, 2 feet ago lol. How’m I doing?

And of course, My Buddy…wants his Trimming :slight_smile:

P.S.: Beginner’s Luck: NO Mold nor Pests yet…



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Must be close to Harvest Time. My 14-year-old Buddy (above) came to watch me tend to the Girls. I cut one bunch of buds which was looking ALMOST ripe (and up against the lights besides), and when I offered it to him (wasn’t going to let him have it, no lol), he wrinkled his nose, turned his back and sat down!
I understand Cats usually love cannabis, and so does mine - but not when it’s flowering. They don’t like the Terpene smell. :open_mouth:

No longer interested…


I harvested one bunch of buds today. Through a jeweler’s loop, I could see the trichomes were cloudy plus about 20% of them had turned Amber. Figured it was ready (and ya, I was eager). The rest of them are fattening still. This bunch is from a Sugar Black Rose (photoperiod), while the Banana Kush Autos (2) still have clear (“Glass”) trichomes. Go figure. Gave these a quick trim, and maybe in about one month I can sample some from my first grow!

I can’t understand why my one Photoperiod plant is “readier” for harvest than my two Autoflower plants. My next Grow will focus on ONE strain, and I’ll be more Organized.

My 14-year-old buddy Paco looks on with approval.


Ayy Paco! Cat lover over here too :slight_smile:
Looks like some nice strains you have going there! Those look like tasty buds!


Thats a good way to harvest, just like picking ripe fruits off a tree!

You can grow your cat some catnip sometimes. :smile_cat:


There’s lots more where that came from - but they’re mostly not ready yet. I am New to this, so reading & watching videos on Harvesting, Curing, etc. Will update this thread, about how it worked out. TY :slight_smile:


I’m a Newbie. My first Grow in - well, about 49 years lol. “Things” are sure different today. I hate to sound ignorant, but do you think I can get away with harvesting Piecemeal like this? That was my Plan, when I started this grow in July. I would like to, as there are so many buds which are obviously not mature yet.

My Canopy is extremely uneven, so if it doesn’t shock/kill the plant, I’d like to let them go - say - another month or two…thoughts?? Think I can get away with it, as long as I keep checking the Pistils and trichomes for “ripeness”?

Next time I’ll grow ONE strain only, and LST them, tie them down, etc.


Yes you can if you are only taking 1 top off a day, here is a HT article on just that:


Thank You Very Much! It’s nice, to kinda know what you’re doing :slight_smile:


Well done! Great harvest! So many nice branches with that auto.

The pictures of the cat admiring the buds are great! Please post more!!