THC Test Kit's

Merry Christmas everyone

Does anyone have any experience with THC test kits for quality and Thc levels etc?

I was looking at buying this product called MyDx for testing but then I thought maybe someone here knows of a better machine or maybe someone has one that can share there review on it?

I was also looking at HiGrade


Following! Would love to have one on hand but SO expensive!

It would be awesome if Grobo owned one and gave the option to lease it for a day or two. A quick easy way for them to earn extra money.


I’ve been looking at that one as well. But it’s expensive


this is a great testing equipment. I have one works very well and is very accurate. reasonably priced.


Pic please!

Thanks for the tip I will look into that model.

Anyone else done any research on this topic or own a machine? I just don’t want to rush into a purchase without looking at all options


The HITEc one seems interesting, and reasonably priced, but I don’t see how a picture, can gauge the THC content.

The picture is not for gauge, its for model and reference.

@greenmatter, is this the one you tried? If so, do you know if the silver piece can be used alone?

The blue piece only tests liquid and 15 mg at a time.

The silver piece is sold separate and test Flower and concentrate. 100 ml of reagent has the ability to do 9 tests. Sold separate as an extender kit.



yes that is the unit I have. the blue box is the actual testing unit it pairs to an ipad. the expansion kit to test flower you could honestly get away without it if you have access to 99.9% isopropyl alcohol. to test flower you weigh out a 10th of a gram of flower. break it up and put in a vial with a lid. add 10ml of 99.9% isopropyl alcohol. shake for 5 minutes and than take a 5 drop sample to put in the testing tray. the app on the ipad will walk you through the testing procedure. so if you have the appropriate scale and can get the 99.9% isopropyl you don’t need to buy the expansion kit.


I had asked @Stephen about this in email at which time he recommended as a viable option.

I’ve reached out to breeders and looked into this myself. Most seemed to be not worth the cost. Some of the breeders I contacted utilize in California.


I haven’t heard about this unit thanks I will look into it also

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