Tent Grow!

Rainbow Belts 2.0
Week 5 of flower

Frosted Biscotti
Week 5 of flower


Looks Great!! Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Nice… Looking good


I’m about to enter flush mode. Do I flush with pure RO water? No PH’ing or CAL/MAG?



If this grow is true organic No flush needed.

Just continue to feed your Ro water. Stop Cal/mag 10 days before you think you want to harvest. If your off a bit on Cal/mag timing no big deal.

I never Ph my water the whole grow but to answer your question No it’s not needed because your goal is to lock out the plant from nutes anyways.


I take you seriously on the advice you give. I’ve got screen shots of yours and @Todd.grobo Todd’s…
I have cousin named Todd… Anyways I was swinging on a rope into a lake. I let go and I’m going in the water feet 1st and Todd popped up and smack… ROLMMFAO he my feet print’s on his face. He’s passed away now RIPAnd in Heaven.


Thanks for sharing. Its not a common name so thats cool.
I make lotz of learning mistakes and like to share my process…ever getting better for sure. Thanks for the kind words


I’ve got to get out of my Rutt.,… I’m just so tired of the outcome sometimes. You got this guy telling you this and this guy telling you that. Or you got the grow store guy telling you you need something you don’t even need and then you’re whole garden is furbing. And I’ve been getting a lot of negative advice but the best advice I’ve gotten is here on this forum and I would have never knew nothing about worm castings and Gaia Green if it wasn’t for you and Mark I appreciate you guys thank you


Myself and Todd are doing the same growing style we do a coupe things different but for the most part the basics are the same.


I’m sure you heard me say I don’t Ph my water. I know Todd does. It doesn’t mean I’m right or wrong just a different approach for what works for the person. This being said if you ph your water you must use natural ph up or down.

I do think myself or Todd would never steer you in the wrong direction.

My best advice to you when growing would be less is more. When you start to believe this everything will become better in your garden.

Just my thoughts :thought_balloon:!! Cheers :beers:


I have to ask a question 🙋 for what u just said why does it not matter to ph this style of growing an on todd side y ph then just curious :face_with_monocle::+1:t2::dash::seedling:


I can’t speak for Todd but I’m thinking Todd wants to play it safe and make sure his ph is in range. With organic your ph range is a lot wider than with synthetic growing.

I’m a believer in less is more that being said if your soil is alive and full of benefits organisms / fungus and bacteria. The soil will control the ph and keep it in balance for the plant.

Let me ask you this when you walk outside and you see all the plants out there in the world. Do you see them with ph problems? Reason there is no problems is because nature address’s ph for you. I’m sure I told you this before This is why if you want to grow true organic you can’t use any synthetic products they kill soil. If you kill the soil you many as well just grow with synthetic nutes and take advantage of there benefits over organics and at this point you must ph your water

Hope this makes sense


Couldn’t have said it better. I have 100% stated the same thing with the Grobo. Less is best!

Mark is right, I used to PH correct my water, as the majority of the time its coming in at 7.00 I leave it be and the plant doesn’t care. But I also know its at 7.0 and going into living organic soil vs anything else.
The biggest difference between hydro (grobo) and any other soil is how much nutrients the plant takes up and how big those roots get. With being more successful in increasing my root mass in the coco, I’ve found my successes jump to a new category.


No it makes perfect :+1:t2: sense just wanna make sure I have my basis covered on that end cause I’m almost ready to start so wanna make sure I’m understanding what it is use are actually doing an y use are doing what use are doing so I have the knowledge on it as well :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


So ur basically just doing it as a safety precaution correct I agree :point_up:t4: with use both I’d rather use less that’s wanna the main reason I’m moving to organic as well plus I want the natural ness of each plant :seedling: with out all the extra stuff​:+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Well said and understood… Anything else other than the veg Bloom or wormcastings is extra…
I don’t PH mine now but I might test it to see if it’s high or low


There is a couple things I add but yes this would be all extra

Now this is just what I do.

I use fish shit (that is the name) in my water to help keep the soil alive.

In flower only I use boogie brix for carbs for the plants. (Last I heard Todd use molasses)

This one depends on your water source. Example I use Ro water because of that I add 60 to 80 ppm of general hydro cal/mag (must be there one from the organic product line up) if my memory is correct I think you have this already. If you want you can show me a picture and I can confirm


Me too… I sick of buff’s… I’ve used one organic nutrients that was supposed too creat better den. Buds. It ruined my whole crop.
All the lines of nutrients for sale and I think it’s all garbage. I’m trying to get something going that’s easy and successful. Tired of putting big bucks into nothing and I even went to the organic nutrients and I’m still having problems I’m not scared to admit it. I believe a couple of my autos are furbing and I’m rubbing them off they’re small enough I think I can keep them rubbed off does that really work I don’t even know I did it to the last one that furbed on me and after about three times four times a rubbing them off they stopped coming back so I think it does but when it started to get new leaves and actually start growing again it furbed again so I don’t know what’s causing the furving can lighting cause it cuz I have researched everything and done everything I’m supposed to do and I haven’t the only thing that’s happened is maybe not enough water or the positioning of the light I don’t know if the light positioning is they’re telling me 20 in to 30 inches away from the canopy I’m not sure but it seems like every time I raise it up higher it grows up higher and the more these autoflowers grow up the less they give I mean you don’t want them too small either don’t get me wrong but one shot up two feet and a matter of 4 days I mean 4 weeks 2 weeks something like that I know it was like two feedings and after two new nutrient feedings it did it it was up there like three and a half foot tall but it gave me that big pretty bud that cola that I put out yesterday or the other day anyways talk to you later and have a good one

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I keep mine about 12 to 16 inc from the canopy :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


I have never had good luck with judging my lights based off distance only. As soon as I purchased the ability to measure par world of difference.

For veg around 300 to 350 seems to be the sweet spot for me

Flower 700 to 750 seems to be the sweet spot for me


Keep your RH meter in the same spot as well?